Was it tipsy or being just damn happy?

Hi everyone! I wasn’t sure if to post this blog post yesterday but I asked my blogging friends and they said it’s my blog so it’s my decision. And this blog post, will include a disclaimer which I don’t think I’ve ever done *shock*

Disclaimer: this blog post isn’t encouraging alcohol or anything like that. This is just what happened at my friends house the other day.

As I’m getting older, this blog is going to become more mature and have topics which most young children wouldn’t experience but as most of my readers at the moment are my age or older, I thought it would be okay to write about this kind of stuff now.

So if you saw my last blog post, you could see that I was really nervous about going camping with my friends. I would recommend reading that blog post before reading the rest as then you’ll have the full story.

Anyways, I did go in the hot tub. *Congrats Astrid, you actually decided to strip and not give a shit what the others thought* But I had a shirt on because I was wearing a very boobie out swim suit (as I got it about 2 years ago but never bothered to buy a new one as I never go swimming).  The hot tub was okay but I kept getting kicked in the vagina by thousands of feet as it was pretty small and only 4 people were meant to be in there so I didn’t stay in there for that long.

We ordered chinese and one of my friends brought alcohol which was only enough for about 3 people. I paid for one and my other friend drank a ‘shit mix’ (I think you can get what that means). Anyways, that was like 80% pure alcohol but mine was like 5% and I drank 2 bottles. So it  wasn’t that bad but I’m a light weight and it was my second time that I probably drank alcohol without an adult keeping an eye on me. However, Reece and my friend, Lily decided to be my parents and tried to get me to go to sleep at 9 30ish but I was having none of it so David and Reece had to keep rugby tackling me to get me to bed. I don’t really remember all of this though like the party I went to in October.

My mother decided to call me which I was apparently very happy about. And my friends were screaming about how much they loved her across the tent so she guessed that there was drinks so when I came home, the following morning, she checked my awful stinky breath straight away. She was surprising okayish about it with a slight look of disappointment but I think it more amusing than anything.

Reece said that I was not at all body conscious after drinks and thinking back at it now, makes me want to die in a hole and cringe. However, I had an amazing night… kinda.

The weather was crap, it was thundering and raining so we couldn’t go to the hot tub until 3 but I was too tired to go then so I stayed inside. It was super hot, like as hot as Malaga so I was trying to get myself to cool down the whole night.

Then after the others came back, the hot tub started beeping and nobody knew how to stop it . So it went on like that the whole night.

I went to sleep at 4 then woke up at 6 to cockerels and birds chirping and other animals making noises as Vipers house is literally next to a house which sounds there is  like a farm in their back garden.

Anyways, what was the moral of this story? Nothing really but I’m so proud of myself for coming out of the self conscious wall even though it involved alcohol to get out.

I’m going to Bath tomorrow which I’m so excited about, what are your plans?


aka Hideaway Girl xxx





Being a muggable face.

Hi,everyone! First things first, thank you for all of your emails recently about the group chat, I’m slowly adding people to the group. However, we don’t want too many people because it will get too hectic but we already have a group name which Sav excellently  named for us.

Have you seen the new update of Facebook? Where they’ve copied snapchat and now have stories? I mean…. come on Facebook, be original. I don’t need another place where my face is mugged and exploited by my friends on the internet.

In Spanish, today, my friend Keys just kept aiming her camera at me and taking photos of me but not even in a particular bad angle. It’s just that I look so bad whenever a camera hits me. My face just decides to give up with me and stay in these weird positions.

I think my face doesn’t know what to do or my brain can’t register for ages that a camera is pointing at me before it is taken.

This is the flattering photo that Keys took of me by the way if you were interested in how bad it was:


I mean it’s gotten to the point where I don’t even look like myself in these photos and some people call me the face of mugs. LIKE I’M THAT BAD.

My friends have increased their thirst for my mugable face to humor themselves so all day, there is a fear of snapchat in the back of my mind and I’m hiding myself behind barriers (e.g. Reece or my coat) but I always get caught. I’m not going to show you the rest and the worst because I want to carry on with my dignity on my blog.

But do you guys understand it? Like my face literally just looks bad captured in a moment? I mean I’m not that bad looking.

Hideaway Girl xxx


I was engaged to a 5o year old.

Hi,everyone! And god, I love you guys so much…. *rudely interrupted by Ed Sheeran’s weird and slightly disturbing huffing vocal thing in the new song Barcelona and now, I’m dancing while pretending to be in Malaga already…BARCELONA.. BARCELONA…BARCELONA. I think I now have a new song to shake my shoulders to*

It’s friday and boy, I’m think I’m the most exhausted I’ve been in a while. By the way, I really loved replying to your comments today because I’ve been away for a while and coming back yesterday, has given me this weird inspiration to get through the day to write this blog post. It’s just weird how much I love blogging… I love you more than pizza and that’s a pretty big proposal.

Today, I’m going to tell you the story of when I got engaged to 50 year old man.

Yes, I had another man in my life while with Reece and the story begins in the tiny cafe I was working in during last summer of 2016.

This cafe wasn’t The Ritz of the small town I live in. It had one broken boiler(which made me wash dishes in freezing cold water), they forgot to pay for the holy dishwasher and the hygiene was worse than a prison cafeteria (I saw them drop, sneeze and keep over date food and put it on a plate).

Although the cafe was probably the most disgusting cafe to eat in, I really liked the customers, the people I worked with and the pay. However, there was one regular, who didn’t actually buy anything but ‘borrowed’ money, was this 50 year old overweight alcoholic who we will call ‘Paul’.

The first time I met Paul was when I was trying to master the latte (which you don’t know how bloody annoying it is to make and how many times I have wanted to pour a latte over a customer when they complained about the time it took to make it). I suddenly heard this painful wailing and a man at the till was asking where my boss was but I couldn’t understand a word he was saying as he was slurring so much and I was so distracted by what he was wearing;he was wearing a  grey vest which had the most obvious sweat marks I have ever seen with a hairy fat stomach and arm pits pouring out of it. I never saw him wear a different vest from that day and gained many other mystery stains since then.

After trying to calm him down for about 30 minutes and reassure the customers everything was fine, my boss came back from Londis to see me trying to get a 50 year old man to stop crying. The moment my boss came back, I was escaping to the sanctuary of the  kitchen so I didn’t have to deal with this man who kept snotting everywhere and looking at my chest in most unobvious way.

Finally, Paul calmed down and came to say goodbye to me. He said to my boss ‘I don’t know how you could get work done with that sexy face around’.. I actually was so close to throw a cheap mug at him, my feminist inside me was fuming. However, my boss said ‘sorry mate, she’s taken by an emo boy.’ and he replied with ‘Well, I need to put a ring on her first then’.

I thought he was joking..

Paul found out the hours I worked and would come to the cafe whenever I worked or he needed cash and an English breakfast which I hated so much because he was nice but he was so so so creepy. He always would ask me about Reece and if we were still together and he would always call me ‘babe’ or compliment me even know he knew I was under the age of 18.

One day, on my day off, I got a call off my boss who was laughing hysterically telling me to come in and bring Reece.

When I got into the cafe, my boss was literally grinning ear to ear like an annoying little brother and said that I had a surprise from Paul. My initial reaction was oh god, my boss told Pete it was my birthday again and so he’s given me a fiver.

But no, I was given this fake plastic yellow diamond ring from Paul.. who got my boss to ask me his proposal.

Of course, I said no but my boss said I jumped for joy and said yes to Paul..

Whenever Paul came in from then on, I would take my lunch break or wash up so I didn’t have to speak to him but he still thought the engagement was real. You probably think I’m overreacting but this drug addict thought I was going to be this future wife and he made it pretty clear to all of the customers. One of the old ladies would always ask me about Paul and me like we were an actual thing. It was that ridiculous.

The cafe suddenly closed down in October (probably due to how much money they gave Paul)  and didn’t tell me. However, Paul lives quite near me so whenever I see him, I jump across the road and hide. I think the engagement is off now as I saw him with a woman the other day and they looked pretty happy. It was gross but I was so relieved.

Good old Paul.

Hideaway Girl xxx

I’ve got a doppelblogger?

Hi, everyone! How are you all? So you may have seen or not that I published a blog post during this week but I decided to delete it because I didn’t really want to talk about it and immediately regretted writing it.

Now, something is annoying me and I don’t know if this should annoy me or not but this also annoys a few another bloggers so I feel like I should address it.

I get a lot of emails. Like a hundred a week from bloggers and some from companies who want me to write a blog post about their company which is fine I’m totally okay with that. But I’ve noticed something.

A lot of people have:

  1. The same layout to me- such as ‘ a little about me’  page, widgets which is okay but ya know, be a little creative even if you’re a new blogger and don’t know what the hell you’re doing. Think about your blog and make it your own.
  2. The same kinda name as me. I’ve had at least 5 bloggers who have commented with a VERY similar name to mine and VERY similar blog to mine. I’m not going to say what names but they are very similar and you will understand if you saw it. I wasn’t even the one to notice it but Elle who pointed it out the names and blogs, haha.
  3. The same kinda blog posts. I understand if I saw a blog with a few similar ideas as me (I’m not at all the Stephen Hawking of blogging)  but some of these blogs literally have the same kinda titles and content. I mean, if you’re going to be a blogger, you have to write your own stuff. Right?

I’m flattered in some ways but in other ways, I’m kinda annoyed because of course, I’ve looked at blogs at the start when I started blogging because I enjoyed reading them and also to get inspired but I haven’t copied ideas.

When I was reading these very similar blogs, I kinda guessed these bloggers were very young like 11-12 who just discovered Zoella and decided to start out but have no idea what to do so they kinda copied a little.

So am I overreacting and need to take a chill pill or do you know how I feel?

Tell me in the comments,

Hideaway Girl xxx





My brother’s eyes, I decided to steal his face and take a photo of it. 



Eyes are kinda powerful. They may not look that dangerous or misleading in any way but really, they are. I have blue eyes with a small ring of green, yellow or dark blue around them (they change colour, it’s kinda creepy). Someone told me once that they look beautiful and happy but I guess it’s because I was with them that day and I was happy. But the other day, someone told me that my eyes looked sad and vulnerable. I was, I guess.

But my eyes aren’t that perfect and sweet. My eyes are actually a pain in the arse. I don’t have very good eyesight which is okay as I know some people who are blind and can’t see at all. But eyes,in general, are such a pain to look after.

We get stuck with our eyes for the rest of our lives. We can’t really change them and I’m probably not going to change mine. It would feel weird changing my eyes, I’ve had them for nearly fifteen years and I’ve seen so many good things with them.

I’ve also seen some bad things with them which I sometimes wish I could vanish the sights from my memory but it’s life and I’ve learnt from what I’ve seen.

People fall in love with people’s eyes (how bloody cheesy is that?!) but they don’t fall in love with the person. Eyes can be so misleading and I can’t really explain it as it’s something which you kinda have to experience yourself to kinda get it. I don’t know.

I feel like I’m getting so deep with eyes and I should stop but I’ve been so much more serious recently. It’s scary.

I better go but I’ll post a blog post later because my laptop is running out of battery and I’m too lazy to get the charger #toolazytocare.

Anyway, got to go but I’ll make sure to post something later on!

Hideaway Girl xxx





Home. A small house on a corner of the street is my home. My street is home to around 30 old grannies and we kinda just ignore each other. We are all in our little bubble of comfort I guess. Sometimes, it can be kinda nice that I live on a street of the elderly because I don’t have to hear parties and have to go through the embarrassment of having a schoolfriend live right next to you and knows that your parents are deadly embarrassing.

But these grannies, they kinda are really unfriendly and don’t really smile. I thought I was meant to be the stereotypical grumpy teenager. They seem to be rebelling against that.

Maybe it’s because I’m a teenager and they are scared of the youth but I think I don’t look that terrfying. And I always force a smile.

Ah, it’s my smile.

My smile is the worst smile ever.

It’s freaky and it kinda makes sense that nobody really smiles back.

It’s probably the most sarcastic smile as well.

None of their cats like me either. Whenever I go near one, they either attack me or hiss at me. It’s scary.

I’m so tired and I need to go to sleep. But I’ll definitely write a blog post tomorrow because I feel like I need to explain some things.

I don’t know. 

Hideaway Girl xxx




Thoughts we have in exams.

Hi,everyone! So I only have one more exam left to go and then I am free to actually be able to live my teenager years until Year 10 exams. Spending so much time doing exams at the moment, I had an idea for a blog post which is thoughts that we in exams.

While giving up in the middle of my spanish exam, I thought of things that go through  my  mind and have made a list so let’s get started!

  1.  I NEVER REVISED THIS OR EVEN HEARD OF IT. Are you freaking kidding me?!
  2. If this doesn’t work out for me, I could just become a stripper or just get myself in prison.
  3. Okay multi choice questions, this is going to be fine. *2 minutes later* what do I pick? I can’t make a simple decision of picking a number, how am I going to pick my career!
  4. Skip that question and that one and that one and that one.. ooo.. I can get one mark for this one, it’s probably easy then.
  5. If I don’t do well in this exam, then I’ll get put in a rubbish set for my GCSES. That means I will be in a class full of idiots and that means I won’t get a good grade. And if I don’t get a good grade then I won’t be able to do my A-Levels and if I don’t do my A-Levels, I won’t go to university. And I want that degree, I need that degree. oh for Christs sake.
  6. Will my parents let me stay with them until I marry a rich guy?
  7. When will I need to know what x=2? Never.
  8. Should I go back to those questions that I skipped? Nah.
  9. Why is the teacher looking at me? Have I done something?do I look like I’m cheating? Don’t make eye contact with anything.
  10. Am I breathing too heavily?
  11. Oh god *tummy grumbles* I forgot to eat.
  12. Oh no, can he hear my tummy rumbling? Does he think it’s a fart?
  13. Okay okay okay okay don’t let your mind wander..
  14. Is Miss F actually wearing a bra today? Hmmm.. she must have fallen in love with the caretaker then.
  15. Am I ahead of everyone? Is that good? Or is that bad?
  16. Okay I need to hurry this crap up, I have 5 minutes.
  17. Oh no, people have stopped working.
  19. Shot, I put the wrong answer for question 24.

I hope you get what I mean or otherwise, I should be worried about myself. Seriously though, don’t worry about exams too much. Think of them as just a grade and that’s all. It isn’t determining who you are 🙂

Anyway, I’ll speak to you guys tomorrow with another blog post,

Hideaway Girl xxx


Hi,everyone! How was your Saturday been so far? I’m going to be doing a Q&A tomorrow as you probably don’t want to read two blog posts of mine. I haven’t done a collab in a while and I haven’t done one with my best friend Elle since Halloween. Today I’m  going to be handing my blog over to Elle so you can see what I’m like in her eyes. I’m kinda nervous about this but anyway, here is Elle.

me and elle
Hideaway Girl on the left and Elle on the right 🙂


Hideaway Girl on the left and Elle on the right.

Greetings, fellow bloggers! I’m Elle also known as MyBloggingSecret. Astrid had a great idea a few months ago, that we should do another collab! I was completely up for the idea! But, its taken us about 3 months to actually organise it. Earlier today, I got a text from Astrid, asking me if I wanted to come round so we can do this collab thingy, so, I hurried back from town and here we are.

Me and Astrid met in school, on the first day, I noticed Astrid was very unique, with her own sense of style and she didn’t follow the crowd. Quite literally, I think she got lost on the first day, haha. Astrid and I really didn’t like each other for the first couple of months or so. I think that was because I was a bit of a bitch and I didn’t like Astrid because she seemed ‘too quiet’. Thinking about it now, I was probably just ‘too loud’. After a few months, we bonded and became closer and closer. When we talk about it now though, Astrid usually just says, “You really annoyed me and I didn’t ever think we were going to be close!”

There are a few things that Astrid does that annoys me, and here are a few of them:

  • We’re both extremely stubborn, so if we ever have an argument, it takes us both a while to admit that we’ve done something wrong.
  • She’s very set in her ways and a lot of things have to be done her way, but a lot of the time I’m able to change her mind, haha.
  • When shes on her period, its literally hell! Word of advice: don’t get on her bad side or undermine her on these 4/5 days.
  • She likes to have political rants if someone gets a political fact wrong, its not annoying just funny, haha 🙂

But, there’s definitely more things that I love about Astrid, than that annoy me:

  • She always knows how to make me laugh, cliché, I know, but she does, either by telling me a really bad joke or making fun of herself, a lot of the time, not realise she’s done it.
  •   How she dresses. I honestly love Astrid’s sense of style. She often tries to achieve a ‘tumblr’ look, which basically all of the time, she pulls off effortlessly.
  • Astrid’s music choice is very unique and very chilled. A lot of the time she hates my music, because I have to admit, I do have a lot of Drake and Kanye West and she doesn’t really like them. Whilst writing this paragraph, the song ‘Panda’ by Desiigner came on and I started dancing and she said ‘Oh god, I hate this song.’
  • Astrid is extremely weird. She may sound all sane on her blog, but honestly she’s probably the weirdest person I’ve ever met. the things she comes out with makes me think “are you on drugs/are you high” and Astrids answer to that is usually “I’m just high on life”, hahahahahha.


We’ve created quite a few memories, I have to admit, not all good. Like that one time, I accidentally spilt her iced coffee all over her, to say sorry I bought her a Starbucks frappé and some chocolate buttons. She didn’t forgive me straight away but she admitted she was just being stubborn.

Our main topic of conversation is usually boys. Like, who we like or whos caught our eyes. There’s a boy I like at the moment who we both know, he’s a little bit older than us but me and him get on really well. I’m always talking to Astrid about him. But, to be fair, Astrid usually talks to me about how annoying this boy is that’s texting her.There’s been quite a bit of drama about whether he already has a girlfriend or not. So, for the past couple of days we’ve talked about him quite a bit.

& even though we annoy the hell out of each other, I couldn’t live without her 🙂

Anyway, that’s it from me MyBloggingSecret. Hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post.

Astrid will be back soon with her usual blog posts, see ya soon – Elle xo

(If you want to see my (Hideaway Girl) writing on Elle’s blog, click here



I was really cute.

Hi,everyone! So yesterday, I tidied my bedroom which I haven’t tidied for a year so it was kinda horrific. I was surprised I didn’t find a dead rat. But tidying my bedroom was actually pretty good because I found some old books and some stuff from primary school which was really nice to look back on.

I decided to look at some photo albums and look at photos of me when I was cute and didn’t know the meaning of style so I thought I would show you some picture of me.



Yup, I don’t know why I look like a chimpanzee/member of the beetles. My dad use to cut my hair and it wasn’t the most flattering hairstyle either.Oh and the boy on the right is my little brother, J. Wasn’t he cute?


I’m guessing this was on the way home. I’m still like this to be honest.




What I was thinking: great, another photo.


What I was thinking: ha, as if I’m going to be be sweet.


I look like Buddha.


Jesus, the doctors made the broken arm look like it wasn’t there.


When I was a little cute vegetarian; I actually was one.


Okay, this is kinda sweet.

There is so many other photos but I didn’t want to make a super long post of pictures of me.

But if you want to see more of me maybe when I was in year six and didn’t discover the wonders of eyebrow pluckers, let me know.

See you later,

Hideaway Girl xxx

Murderous birds.

Hi,everyone! You alright? Yeah? Cool. Well, if you’re not doing so good. Imagine yourself doing something productive.. in my case, that’s funny and unrealistic. But if you are productive and hating it, imagine burning the textbooks or whatever crap you have to do.

I can already tell this post is going to be weird.

So it’s Friday! yeaahhhhhhh….

There’s some people who love Fridays and it’s the best day of the week. But I don’t really understand why because I spend most of the day at school and having to socialise with other people. I don’t really like Fridays or any other day of the week which has school in it.

I like Saturdays! Saturdays are the days where you are like, I don’t have to get up and I can lie in bed until one in the afternoon if I like. Actually I can’t stay in bed until one because I have work but anyway..

But the thing I also notice on Saturday mornings, I wake up extremely early! Like my brain think it’s school and panics so I wake up around 7. Does anyone else have that?

Also, the seagulls or the occasional pigeon don’t give a crap if it’s a Saturday, they will make sure to sit on your chimney and quake as loud as they murderous beaks can.

Gosh, the seagulls are crazy where I live. I saw this seagull take off to this little happy old man and steal this chips out of this hand. The little happy old man then turned into a little angry old man.

A few minutes before, I saw this family with young kids feeding the seagulls even though there was a sign saying ‘DO NOT FEED THE BIRDS.’ But whatever, it’s their own fault that the seagull bite the little kids thumb.

I think I would be too scared to feed a bird again because last time, it happened. It looked like this..


Yup, I just showed you a picture of me.. I hate these photos so much. My hair is a disgrace, I’m not wearing any make up, my style of clothing was obviously rushed and I hate birds in cages so this makes me cringe whenever I look at it. I also look like a 12 year old.

So I think I’m going to leave you on this note 🙂

I hope you’ve enjoyed this ramble of a post and thank you for reading,

Hideaway Girl xxx