keep them, please.

Dear readers, let me give you a piece of advice.

Your friends can be the most important people in your life and never let them go. It’s a mistake I have made so many countless times in my life and this summer all of it has come back and smacked it in my face.

Some friends just somehow went farther apart slowly but still are friends, just not as close. Some friends broke off with a bang and haven’t reappeared again. Some friends got new friends or replaced you with someone they love; sometimes quick, sometimes slow but a sure process.

Maybe I did the last one to one or two people but I never wanted to not see them, I was just busy but I always had time for those certain friends but even they have moved on with different friends and their boyfriends.

I see adults saying about how you lose friends and it can be worse than a breakup (I never believed that), I understand that because with boy/girlfriends, you know when you aren’t a thing anymore but with friends, you only have to wait or see to find out the truth that most don’t want to have. Friends can be so much more important than your significant other, they are your other half.

I’m lonely. I really am and I’m scared about going to school because it’s going to fell 100x worse because you’ll see them with new friends and fuck, it hurts so bad. I have friends but this consists of a boyfriend and boy friends but I don’t have that girl best friend anymore… she might think we are but it’s so plain obvious to everyone else that we are no more. We aren’t. Best friends are the ones who you can tell everything to, who you never get bored of seeing, who you just look at you and you know what they are thinking and that comfortable silence. We don’t have that anymore.

Getting immensely jealous of people with those friends is growing and growing by the day, they just don’t know how lucky they/you are. You’re so lucky and I hope you know that.

Keep your best friend no matter what. Yes delete the ones who make you feel shit but keep the ones who you bloody love.

Astrid x

aka Hideaway Girl xxx




hairy girls.

Hi,everyone! UK weather is actually being very forgiving recently and given us the sun so we can finally not look like uncooked eggs (well, I still do). However, that means it’s dresses, shorts or going to the inch of nearly being naked (as I have seen, not a lovely sight to see when they are over the age of 50) this time of the year. Now, this time of the year I’m having to get over the stigma about shaving my fur coat that I’ve been growing since October and actually shave because otherwise, I’ll feel a bit too sweaty for my liking. And I’m a very hairy girl.. and if you don’t like too much information about these things then I would skip this post of mine or if you have the same problems (or you’re 12 and you’re weirdly interested in growing body hair) then jump right in.

I’ve been growing dark leg hair since I was 8 which I was extremely embarrassed of it and I would get lots of nasty comments off my classmates about it but the moment I reached Year 6 I realised the power of razors and after school, I would use my dad’s razor to shave my legs which ended up with more cuts than hair coming off.

Then when I reached big scary secondary school, it was all about my monobrow which I didn’t have pluckers for and so, I use to pluck the hairs out with my fingers which not surprisingly, would do a rubbish job and was really painful for my fingers. However, my eyebrows are still really thick but they are separated into twos which I prefer.

I’m a pretty hairy girl but I know a lot of people who get it everywhere including their boobs which is completely natural and shouldn’t be made ashamed of which society has. Like,most girls get nipple hair and it’s perfectly normal but the media have turned us into hairless girls and if I asked now boys in my class if girls get hairs on their nipples, I bet most of them would say no.

Whenever I look back, I can’t believe how I thought my body hair was the worst thing that I will ever go through and that people won’t like me if I didn’t get rid of it which is really pathetic as I know loads of people who grow out their body hair and it doesn’t make a difference to them as a person.

I wish I could tell my 12 year old self this because her body image at that point was really putting her self confidence down.

Do you think it would be a interesting idea for me not to go near shaving stuff for a few weeks to experiment what it’s like and blog about it? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Astrid xxx

aka. Hideaway Girl xxx


tips to relax and drug addiction|Guest post.

Hi,everyone! How has been your easter? Mine has been fantastic, although I have many mock exams coming up and also a Malaga trip next week so if I don’t post often, don’t think somethings bad happened to me. I’m just crying in heaps of revision or in the sun in Spain.

Like me, there is so many of you who are also stressing about exams. Sadly, in many teenagers and adults, they find drugs as a way out of stress even though, it will make things much worse.

However, luckily, Dorothy emailed helpful tips on keeping calm. Although it’s never really affected me, this is such an amazing cause. Anyways, there’s what article Dorothy gave me.

To Relax, Stop Doing These 3 Things

You lie in bed and thoughts race through your head. Did you do enough today? Will you be able to get everything done tomorrow? Are you making enough money? Are your connections on Facebook leaving you in the dust? Will your children grow up to be good people? Who will take care of your pets if you die? And these thoughts are limited to bedtime anxiety. They can strike you as you try to unwind with some television or a glass of wine.

There are times when your brain simply will not turn off. And, that can send you into a frenzy of activity because you feel panicked. You feel like you are falling behind. In these situations, you know you should be relaxing, but it feels impossible. How do you fix this problem?

Just because relaxation is something you are having trouble achieving doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of it. You aren’t too uptight to enjoy your life and your quiet time. It could be the result of your lifestyle and the habits you have picked up. If you are struggling with relaxation, it’s time to jettison your unhelpful practices.

Stop Drifting into the Past and the Future

Some people say thinking about the past is a form of depression and thinking about the future is a form of anxiety. Getting trapped in either of those states won’t allow you to let go of tension. Instead, work to be part of the present. This is often achieved through mindful meditation, and you don’t have to be an expert for it to work.

Try anchoring yourself. Pay attention to the bottom half of your body. Breathe deeply. Close your eyes if you need to. And, think about your feet. How do they feel? Can you feel your socks? Your shoes? Focus on the surface beneath them. Then, move on to your calves and upper legs. Are they cold or hot? Are your muscles tight? Can you feel your muscles? Taking the time to ground yourself in your present sensations can alleviate worries about the past and future.

Stop Playing with Your Phone

If you have notifications switched on, your phone may be buzzing or pinging constantly throughout the day. Even without any incoming calls, you may be hearing about Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook activity. It can be hard to avoid looking at your phone every five minutes so you don’t feel left out.

If you really want to relax, you have to turn off the phone. It’s preventing you from relaxing. Give yourself permission to turn your back on emails, calls, and social media. You will feel uncertain at first and you won’t know what to do because you think of your smartphone as a constant in your life. But, you will grow to appreciate the silence when you are trying to relax.

Stop Fighting the Silence

The phone isn’t the only thing that fills the soundtrack of your life. You are also used to the radio, music, sounds drifting in from people outside or down the hall, television, traffic, and more. Do you even know what total silence sounds like? If you can tune out these sounds and appreciate silence, you will benefit. Studies link noise pollution with high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Of course, a whole day without sound would probably drive you crazy before it relaxed you, so start small and build up if you need to. Start with five minutes. Try wearing noise canceling headphones or earplugs. Or, find a place free from noise. You could spend time in an isolation tank or take a bath and put your ears under the water.

When you take out some of the factors in your life preventing relaxation, you will feel it come more naturally to you and you will reap the benefits.


Jasmine Martin is a writer, avid backpacker, and a follower of Zen Buddhism. She writes a lot health, behavioral problems, various treatment program and recovery centers. Learn more at:

There’s some useful links with further information and helplines:



UK drug addiction helpline 

Drug facts


Hideaway Girl xxx

False rumor.

Hi,everyone! Today I went to school and decided that staying at home wouldn’t be the best place to cope myself up in. When I got to school, everyone was asking how I was and if I needed help to catch up with anything which not going to lie, it was a bit weird. One of my friends wrote the business studies notes in the back of my book while I was away and Elle did a set of revision cards for me because both of them are absolute babes.

I felt better to be at school, however, there was a panic attack. There’s a few things going around school about me and my personal life at the moment which isn’t true and I’m not a huge fan of being centre of false rumor.

It’s not really bad or bullying, it just annoys me when people think it’s their business. It’s ridiculous.

What you see on tv, the newspaper, youtube or on this blogging world, it isn’t always true. When you hear about someone at school, don’t immediately think it’s true because that’s not always the case. Let the person tell you and take their word for it.

And also, be nice to them. If it is true, it doesn’t matter because if it was you, you would want someone to be there for you.

False rumors, especially at school, are just made up to get out of this boring dull world but it isn’t right to start one for your own amusement because you could actually seriously upset the person.

Luckily for me, it isn’t that bad and I don’t really give a crap what people think of my private life but it’s just annoys me that people think it’s their business.

Anyway, I’m going to Nandos tomorrow with a few of friends such as Reece and Elle to celebrate David’s birthday so I’m going to go and write a blog post for you now so it will be up for you guys tomorrow 🙂

Hideaway Girl xx





Quick Anxiety Tips

Hi,everyone! I get so many emails asking me for tips on anxiety and this morning, I received an email from a worried reader and I gave her a few tips for her anxiety and so, I thought I would show you them as well as I know a lot of you, also experience it and sometimes just need a friendly reminder 🙂

1. Take a day to just relax. No revision and no social media. Have a day to just think things through and if you’re an over-thinker (like me), have someone who is close with you to be there for you to try and calm you down. I’ve had these days before with my best friend and you feel so much better afterwards. Make sure for it not to extend to 2 days otherwise you’ll get in a routine and it’s not healthy, trust me.
2. Go outside and take a walk. Just look at the things around you and you will see the beauty in it.
3. Don’t blame yourself. Your anxiety doesn’t define who you are and mental health issues affects 10%  (3 kids) out of 30 kids in your class so you won’t be on your own.
4. Get enough sleep. Have an early night and I promise you, you will feel like as much as a daisy you can the next day.
5. Avoid caffeine. I drink coffee and that’s probably the worst thing to drink for anxiety because it makes it worse.
6. Talk about it with whoever you need, I’m always here.
If you ever need to talk about something (it could be anything) or you’re just worried about a friend, you can email me at and I will reply within a few minutes-2 days 🙂
Remember that it gets better and I will be there for you for every single one of you, just drop a comment, email me or tweet me,
Love from,
Hideaway Girl xxx

I’m 15, halfway to 30.

I’m 15, halfway to 30.

Not going to lie,

It’s a little scary.

The year I was born,

Towers exploded,

and millions of lives collapsed

With it; Nothing has changed.

In fact, a dictator is growing

while over people sit and watch

being entertained at other people’s misfortunes

on so called reality.


That isn’t reality Tv.


Races and sexes are being divided,

Stereotypes are power striding,

Religions are fighting about who’s God’s best,

and newborns have no fed from breasts.


Ice bergs are melting,

and people are yelling,

not resolving a thing.


Twitter is going is crazy over Kylie’s lips,

while a ten year old girl gets a daily tip,

by a man who beats and kicks.


Genocides aren’t forgotten,

and big people say ‘We’ve been taught’

But for some reason, no one volunteers to go over and help

mothers who see their children raped.


Instead they watch the BBC and sigh

‘oh, how sad. I hope the PM does help.’

then they continue to eat their sunday roast

in safe and warmth

with no bombs flying over their heads.

They complain about how their boss hasn’t given a Christmas pay rise

while children starve and die.


Someone has lost someone.

Someone has lost their home.

Someone has lost their rights.

Someone has lost their life.


I’m 15, half way to 30.

I was born in 2001 and

well, nothing has changed.















I shouldn’t worry so much.

Hi,everyone! So Autumn is just around the corner and oh my lord, I can’t wait XD It’s not just because my birthday is in October and because it’s nearer to Christmas, there’s so other many things 🙂

I don’t know about you but I’m going to be living in big comforty jumpers and leggings while this lasts (though I did wear Autumn clothes in the summer but you know, it’s Britain, the weather was awful). I’m so excited for the chilled nights of watching Stranger Things and snipping hot chocolate after school. It’s the atmosphere of Autumn that makes me so happy. I’m so much more happier in the Autumn 🙂

The oranges and reds of the season are so lovely to take photos of. I’ve seriously been looking at places near my house to go so I can get the perfect snaps for my instagram. How basic do I sound?!

Anyway, I should probably stop talking about the Autumn and just kinda tell you about what’s been going on recently in my brain.

Right so.

My self confidence has kinda plummeted recently. I dunno why really because I should be happy with what’s been going on in my life but I still have this voice at the back of my brain telling me bad stuff about myself 24/7 and nobody can do something about it. It’s my brain.

I went back to school on Monday but I was so tired. I couldn’t go to sleep on Sunday because my thoughts of worry were whizzing around my head. I even wrote a list down during that night of why I wasn’t feeling great.

Reasons why I am (was)  worried

  • The bitching is going to start happening again at school.
  • My panic attacks will become more frequent at school.
  • People are going to judge me even more than last year.
  • The awkwardness of not knowing who people are in my class.
  • Cycle of introducing but that scares me because I’m so shy.
  • I’m going to see the stupid and annoying people this year who I’ve tried to avoid all summer.
  • And this is Year 10, the year before my exams and I need to step up my game.

So the next day, I couldn’t concentrate and I was like half-alive because I was so tired.

Anyway I realized that I shouldn’t have worried so much because:

  1. Bitching is bitching. It’s going to happen everywhere and well, the only thing I can do is try to not get involved this year.
  2. My panic attacks aren’t going to go away and actually my friends are there for me so if I ever feel my anxiety worsened, I can talk to them.
  3. Who cares if people are going to judge me?! It’s their problem and in actual fact, they probably don’t give a second glance to me. It’s me, I don’t stand out.
  4. I’m always going to be awkward because that’s me and also, I kinda just need to go and speak to people more and not to be so shy. Also, I know nearly everyone in my classes so I’m alright.
  5. Yeah there’s always going to be stupid people so I just need to figure out how to avoid them more at school.
  6. Okay, I do need to start revising a bit more. Someone told me the other day that I was clever but I just don’t work at it. I’m not clever but I do need to work at it and I will.

I kinda need to realise to grow up and stop worrying about things. I dunno maybe blogging a bit more will help me.

Anyway, I’ll see you again soon (depending on homework!)!

Hideaway Girl xxx

How to start a blog!

Hi,everyone! How are you all? I’m actually better than I thought I would be. My boyfriend (let’s call him Carlo, I don’t know why Carlo but it’s an alright name) has gone on a Navy trip for a week so I won’t be able to see him until Monday. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to contact him because I don’t have a phone (instead, I use my iPad) and I thought he wouldn’t have wifi. It makes out that he has wifi and we facetimed for a bit yesterday which was good. I still miss him but you know, it’s only a week and it’s a nice way to get to hang out with my friends a little bit more.

A week ago, I asked you guys to email me to ask for any advice on things which you had difficulty in. I got a few emails and I feel like one of them stood out to me the  most because a few of my readers have asked the same thing.

This was the email:



Let me introduce myself. I’m James (13) from Cali, USA and I wanted to ask you a question. I’m really into writing and getting my feelings out and I wanted to start a blog. The only problem is that I don’t know how to start. Can you help me with that?





Hi, James!

Thank you for giving me an email asking for advice on blogging, it’s really nice to have you guys writing emails to me once in a while.

When I first starting writing a blog, I thought I wouldn’t get far with it,to be honest, and that it was just a place to write my feelings out but somehow, people started reading it.Blogging is a great way to communicate with other people around the world and you get to express your feelings however you want. I feel like you can become a better person and better writer on a blog.

Firstly, decide what your blog will focus on. It could be about lifestyle, beauty, fashion, travel, food, mother care, be about your life, literature, photography;anything! It could be even (like mine) a random one where you just write whatever comes into mind.

Think about what you’re passionate about and if you would enjoy writing about it. If you enjoy writing it, then it’s more likely that people will enjoy reading it more.

You’re going to need to find a blogging platform. The one that I use is WordPress and it’s one of the most popular blogging/website platforms in the world. I think it’s really easy to use and the community is great on here.

My blog isn’t self-hosted by me so I don’t completely own my blog which doesn’t sound as bad as it does! Basically, I don’t get paid and I don’t get access to all of the blogging themes on WordPress.

If you want your blog to be professional, self-hosting your blog may be better because you have your own domain name and you have the opinion of getting paid. It may attract more people if you have your own domain name but I think if you’re only using your blog as a hobby, having your blog not self-hosted will be fine!

Now you just need to start blogging! Make sure to be friendly and not to make enemies on your blog.

Anyway, I hope this has helped you James and good luck on your blogging! It can be really scary at first but it’s really worth it 🙂

If you need any more advice (on ANYTHING!) then please email me at

The advice could be about school, home life, blogging,friendships, relationships, makeup;anything!

See you soon with another post,

Hideaway Girl xxx





How to get a job being only a teen!

Hi,everyone! Recently, I’ve realised that I haven’t got any money and my parents are refusing to give me as much money as I got last year which I don’t blame them because I was spending it on things I don’t need. I and my best friend, Elle, decided to look for a job. I was terrified and didn’t know how to get started.

Firstly, I wrote a CV and it went like this:

Being a junior gymnastics coach, I have learnt how to develop confidence and excellent communication skills. I have been able to construct activities which the children have engaged in and enjoyed. Going to my volunteering every Saturday at 10:30 has shown that I am dedicated to my responsibilities. My anonymous blog has also made a happy community around the internet and only just over a year old, I have reached over 500 followers. Through my blog, I have learnt about different cultures and how to help people.

Having this job would help me save up for university which is quite a few years ahead but I’ve always dream of being a teacher when I’m older so I need the right degrees and education.

I also talked about my education, my strengths and went more into depth about what I did at my gymnastics volunteering (BTW: I can’t even do a handstand so don’t think I’m a professional). Also, remember to put your contact details on there and don’t worry about it not being professional, you’re only a teenager. 

Before applying for a job, I would also do some volunteering as it really helps you look more experienced and up for the job.

We (me and Elle) decided to only let one person in another workplace than a cafe because they may only want to employ one person. So next time, if I don’t get a job, I will go in on my own so I have more of a chance of getting a  job.

When you go into the shop, go straight to the desk with a smile (don’t look grumpy and seem like you don’t want to be there). Ask if they have any part-time jobs and if they say yes or not at the moment, ask if you can leave a CV there. If they bluntly go ‘no’, leave but remember to say thankyou.

Being only fourteen, I went to places where you would think they would employ people looking for summer jobs.

Top 6 tips!

  1. Write a CV- talk about school, previous volunteering-jobs and hobbies!
  2. Make sure to put your contact information on your CV.
  3. Do volunteering before applying for a job.
  4. When looking for a job, don’t go with your friends.
  5. Remember to be polite.
  6. Keep looking!

Well, I hope this has helped you get some ideas of how to get a job and I’ll see you with another blog post tomorrow 🙂

Hideaway Girl xxx


What I look for in blogs|Guest Post

Hi guys,

I am Just A Blank Space, a new blogger on WordPress. I am thrilled to be able to write this guest post for you. The topic I want to talk about is what I look forward to in a blog. There are a couple of things that I came up with.


The first one is that I like to get to know people through their writing. I do not need a picture of someone. I think the best way to get to know someone is through their writing. Here is a quote that I think describes this the best:


To write means more than putting pretty words on a page. The act of writing is to share a part of a soul with the world

Second I do not want to only read about happy things. That may sound mean but I also like to read it when someone feels bad because that makes someone just real. Everyone has ups and downs in their life and pretending that everything is fine just makes it worse. Sometimes writing about bad feelings can be a big relief and is worth sharing.

There are also different topics or categories I like to read about:


  • Thoughts: I like reading about things the blogger thinks about recently. I am a overthinker. My thoughts drive me insane sometimes and it is a great relief to read about what other people think and helps me to get the mess in my head organized a little.
  • Opinions: Often I read blog posts about opinions blogger have on different topics. For example body image, politics… Sometimes reading someone else opinion on something can give you a different look on a topic and help you develop your own opinion.
  • Feelings: Reading about feelings someone has in different situations can be really interesting. It can help you to deal wit situations that are similar in your life. It also shows that you are not the only one feeling that way.
  • Things that happened: I love to read about what is happening in other peoples life. We make new experiences every day. Some are great others are bad. I think that we can learn a lot out of other peoples experiences and when we have to do the same experience later we might already know what to do and how to deal with it.
  • DIY: I love DIY. I could spent hours on the internet looking at pictures of projects someone did. It gives me ideas for new things.
  • Lists: I do not know why but somehow I love list. They can be about everything. I enjoy reading and writing them.


The most important thing of what I look for in a blog is passion. A passion for writing. If a post comes from the heart it is not important what it is about. Blogs are meant to be a way to share what is in your heart. It is not important how many followers you have as long as you love what you do. Followers are just a nice side-effect. You shouldn’t try to be someone else in your writing just to gain followers.


I hope you enjoyed my post and maybe you want to check out my blog so click here if you do. If you think your blog would be something I am interested in just let me know in the comments. I would love to check it out.


Just a blank space