Little about this blog

Hi, I’m Astrid; the writer, the editor, the founder of Hideaway Girl (haha, that’s a tongue twister). I’ve been writing on here in my bedroom for three years and have enjoyed every single moment of typing. I post whatever I feel like which means I have no theme whatsoever. However, I would call my blog ‘a lifestyle blog where I don’t give advice especially about beauty and exercise but I talk about myself’. Does that sound self-obsess? I hope not. I’m here most days and so I enlighten your reader with my posts.


For this section, I decided to answer the questions which most people want to know!

How old are you? 

I’m 16 and I’ve just started A-Levels.

What did/do you study at school? 

At GCSE, I studied all of the core subjects but I also studied Psychology, Business, History, and Spanish. For my A-Levels, I’m studying sociology, psychology, law and EPQ.

How and when did you start this blog? 

I started writing it when I was 13 and randomly, I just went to WordPress to open up a blog. I can’t really remember why I did it but it felt like I needed a place to write so it seemed logical almost. Also, my mum also had a blog on WordPress for local history so it kinda sparked an idea for me to start one. The actual date of my first blog post was 21st January 2015 and it was called ‘Hi Internet‘.

What do you plan to do in the future?

No idea really. I want to study at a university in London, maybe doing something to do with psychology but I change my mind all the time. For blogging, I just want to continue to write and communicate with my blogging friends.

Anyways, that’s the main crap about this blog and I hope you enjoy reading the rest of my blog,

Astrid X

80 thoughts on “Little about this blog

      1. haha, I also love chocolate, hate winking, love writing and can’t do a handstand–but I can do the splits…..


  1. Hey! I just got here because I was seeing some blogs who are interesting for me and your blog is interesting. You have a new follower now!

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  2. CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!
    Also, I love how you have links ‘for stalkers’. I’m glad to know that my tribe has been acknowledged.

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      1. Yay can’t wait for you to be back! I know this is out of the blue, but I’m so so grateful to you! You were one of the first ones to help me out when I was new here and you very kindly followed me too! I just recently hit 100 followers and all I could think of was where you were bc I know I couldn’t do it without you. Thankyou so so much❤

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      2. Ah I’m so happy that you reached a 100 followers, you deserve them all! I’ll definitely be posting on Wednesday 🙂 Also no problem, I feel honored to have helped you 🙂 x

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  3. Hi! 😉 I’m the first time on your blog and I like it. It’ nice 🙂
    I’m Polish but I like English-teens blogs. English is not my ethnic language so I’m not perfect at English like you but I’m quite good. Maybe I did some mistakes in this comment 😀

    I invite you to my blog where I write only in English. Maybe you’ll enjoy 😉 I will be very happy if you reply this comment and if you write a comment on my own blog 🙂

    All the best!

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  4. Heyy I just started reading your blogs… and I’m inspired to open one of my own blogs, well I love what you write it’s just amazing it amazing if I could get tips from you ur and amazing writer 🙂

    -Ayesha Fatima

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  5. Just looking around your blog because why not 😀 I love it so much; you’ve been here for ages and it just feels like you’re one of the main inspirations for me and one of the people at the centre of my corner of the blogging world xx


  6. Hi there, I just discovered your blog and I love it! I have a teenage daughter so it helps me get insight into her world:) We are working on a project to empower teenage girls and would like to extend a creative invitation to you. If you are interested pls share your email and I can send you some info. Thanks! Katya


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