a spring wedding.

All day, everyone has been going on about the bloody weather and how sunny it is while I’ve been stuck inside mostly revising for my A Level mocks which are timetabled to take place in two weeks. However, this Easter holidays haven’t actually been that bad. Well, in fact, they’ve been probably the best few days that I had so far this year.

So, I was invited to Will’s mum and step-dad’s wedding a few months ago which was such a pleasure to be asked to go to and I was really excited to go. Although when I was asked, it did cause panic in the back of my head. What the hell was I going to wear, how was my mane of hair going to be handled and how I was going to perfect my eyeliner for the day. But if you know me in ‘real-life’, you’ll know that I’m not very trendy nor do I enjoy fashion and I’m really impatient when it comes to shopping. The moment I had the thought that I would have to shop for a dress, I was not keen as I’m so fucking lazy to get out of the house and interact with people even though it’s a few words at the till. Therefore, ASOS was my saviour. However, it wasn’t as easy going as I hoped for it to be.

Like a few weeks before the wedding, I finally decided to actually look for dresses rather than spending my time looking at constantly live webinars of Zoos (it’s fucking cringey). There was a few things that I was looking for:

This was difficult.

The first dress that I picked was this green messy dress. It was honsetly was such a bad pick and I think I brought it in a time of stress where I was like I’ll buy anything to stop this chaos of picking a dress. When sending to a group chat, one of my mates said ‘Are you joking? That’s honsetly disgusting.’ And despite of the sharp and very honest tone, I completely agreeed with him.

the gross dress

I sent it back with a solemn sense of feeling I would never be able to find the perfect dress. The stress of shopping was so bad that I had to have a week off ASOS before I could even consider looking for a wedding guest dress again. Finally, when I grew a pair of balls, I scrolled on ASOS for hours which ended with me finding the one. The one dress that I would love forever. (fuck, I’m so dramatic).

It’s this pink flora dress with a pleated ending but with a really weird back on it. There wasn’t much of a back just a line so I had to go braless which was slightly scary considering I was going to my boyfriend’s mum’s wedding. Anyways, thankfully I didn’t manage to flash!

The wedding was the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen. The decorations looked like something that had hopped out of pinterest despite one of the candles down the aisle nearly catching my dress on fire. I got a bit drunk but hopefully I wasn’t embarrassing. I can’t remember much of it in all honesty. But I do remember it being one of the lovelist nights.

Anyways so what’s my plans for the next few weeks? Mocks! Whoop yay, love A-Levels. Honestly, I’m so scared because it’s going on my university applications and it makes me so nervous that it could help me get into my dream university. But, I’m going to try and put it at the back of my mind and just be calm about the mocks. I hope you have a lovely Easter!

Astrid xxx

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3 thoughts on “a spring wedding.

  1. Have a lovely Easter indeed! The dress looked really beautiful, at least you got there in the end ❤
    I wish you all the best with you A-Levels and I'm glad to see you active on your blog again, it's always a pleasure to read your posts.
    Erin x


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