my life since my disappearance through pictures

Hey, it’s been a while. Since around September to a about a month ago, I had a bit of a breakdown. Not a serious breakdown where I’ve ended up in hospital but a breakdown where I’ve had no motivation to write at all. Maybe it’s because I’m taking three essay A levels where I constantly write all the time. Also, I felt a kind of pressure to write something worth your time to read but I’ve learnt that you guys like what I write so it’s really up to me what I write.

So. What have I been doing in 2019?

Let me show you.

This is Will. He’s been my boyfriend for nearly 6 months and he’s been honestly one of the nicest guys that I’ve met. I don’t really get into the mushy stuff in public so I apologise if this isn’t the most gooiest description of him that you wanted. I was reluctant to show you him and I was reluctant to tell him about this blog. My love life is something which I like to keep off my blog until something goes wrong (hence the only times I’ve really mentioned my exes have been in a break up post, typical isn’t it). However, I’ve decided to place my bets on his one and tell you about him. Not saying it’s SERIOUS but it’s less of a childish crush but a relationship where there was choice in us dating if that makes sense (which I highly think does not).

These are my friends; Wen and Ben. I’ve been hanging out with them and others since I’ve started sixth form. Sixth form (despite it being really bloody stressful), I have met many lovely and funny people. This photo is from a snow day in January where we went to a local field and went sledging until our fingers were so numb that we couldn’t move them. In this photo, I’m wearing Will’s big baggy coat because I couldn’t get back home the night before for some reason so I had to stay over at his with nothing but the clothes on my back. I really smelt badly that day as I was wearing all the same clothes as the day before (including my underwear, grim).

Looking like martyrs, this is Lizzie and me on a anti-brexit march on the 23rd of March in London where over a million people took to the streets to voice their opinion of brexit. This was my first ever march that I’ve been on and honestly, one of the best experiences I could ever have. Everyone there was welcoming and was really supportive of young people being on the march. The atmosphere was so motivating and capturing to become one of the voices in the chants to get the country united again. Even if it’s not a anti-brexit march, I really do recommend to go a march at least once in your life. It’s something that helps open your eyes to new aspects and how many people issues (or however you see it) affects groups of people.

Of course, there’s more to what I’ve done since my disappearance. But this has all been through my instagram posts so far this year. If you want to give me a follow on my personal instagram, the link is here if you wanna see my day to day life with my mates 😉

Thank you so much for reading my blog, I really do appreciate it. It’s been so nice to write again and I can’t wait to get into the hang of writing again!

Astrid xx


16 thoughts on “my life since my disappearance through pictures

  1. I’m glad your back, haha. I’ve been reading your blog for like 3 years now and this is one of the first times that I like or comment so I’m sorry about that, haha. But, I missed you while you were gone 🙂 I’m glad you found a nice guy. x

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      1. Hi! I’m sorry you’ve been feeling bad these last few months… but what matters the most is that now you’re happy, you have a guy that seems really nice, and you have great friends too! I’m glad you’re back (:
        All the best ♥️

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  2. Astrid, we missed you! So glad you’re back and it seems like you’ve been having a pretty good time, your friends seem like really nice people, and you’ve got a boyfriend too! Love that you went to an anti-Brexit march, I mean parliament isn’t doing anything about Brexit, so we might as well! You and Will are SO CUTE TOGETHER it actually hurts! So happy to have you back lovely xx

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  3. I’m happy to see you back! I was recently looking through some old drafts mentioning my favourite bloggers: you were in it! Sorry to hear that the last few months have been rough but we all have times like it. Well done with the Brexit March! I agree with your political opinions (NO BREXIT) and wish I could do something similar.
    Also brilliant to see that you’ve found a nice guy – that’s further than I have ever gotten 😂
    Have a great day Astrid xx

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    1. This is so sweet!!! Makes me so happy that I’m one of your favourites :)) You can help the non brexit march by signing petitions etc without having to do extreme stuff to get your voice heard. Thank you for your lovely comment xx

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