your grey blue sweater-poem

I wrote this poem a month ago when I was reminiscing about the past when I dove into my messy wardrobe and found items of clothing of my ex. However, I still love the memories; good and bad. They feel like a story now. 

your grey blue sweater-30th August 2018


Puddles of fabrics,

Tumbling through the memories

Of a sweet innocent past. Frantically

Charging my sensory of the recall of the bakeries



I uncovered the grey blue sweatshirt

From the deep shadows of my never ending wardrobe.

You gave it to me on that wintery night before you blurt

Out that you loved me with the bright lights of the traffic strobed

On you .


That was the last time you told me you were certain

That you adored my quirkiness of style and my crooked grin.

The lies got rid of the worries of the girl that hid in the theatre curtains.


You broke my heart under the autumn leaves.

In the past of laughter, I told you I looked forward to the season all year.

On the same night, under the disco lights, you left grieve

And kissed the hidden girl with a welcome of theatre cheer.


Your sweet sickly scent lays in my hands,

The soft but scratchy wool tickles

My fingers. I’m going to chuck it in the pile  with the old brands.

The clothes in my wardrobe with a sense of dismissal giggle

At your grey blue sweater.


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