my gcse results (lol I failed one)

Hello everyone! It’s been a little while since I uploaded a blog post as I was on holiday and when I got back on Sunday, I’ve been working everyday and so I haven’t been able to write a blog post. But, today I do have enough time to talk about results. Last summer, before year 11, I had no idea what the year was going to bring so results day was a really important day for me and others. A lot of people have emailed asking about what grades I got and so fourth. But before I do that, i just want to make it clear that this blog post is in no way showing off or being rude but I like knowing other people’s results so I thought you would like to know mine as we are all nosey.

In biology and chemistry, I got a 6 which is a B in the old grade system. These two subjects were the first ones I saw on the sheet and when I received them with my friends, I was crying so much that I didn’t look at the other subjects as I was so happy that I passed let alone got a 6 in. In class and revision, I found both of these subjects very stressful to revise and I remember having a massive panic attack on the night before my chemistry exam. But on the morning, I just tried my best to stay calm. I would say for these subjects I put in a lot of hours for as I’m not naturally good at them so if I didn’t revise, I don’t think I would have passed so I guess the hard work payed off.

Weirdly enough, my grade for physics was a 7 (A). CRAZY! All my time at school, I have always hated physics and have never gotten along with the teachers as I used to play up in class. But when this year hit, I put my head down and worked my arse off even though I didn’t really understand it. Not going to lie, I think a bit of this grade is luck and I think knowing the equations for physics made most of the grade.

Since I was in primary school, history has always been one of my favourite subjects so the grade I got for this surprised me a little especially as I got an 8 (A*) in my mocks. In the real history exams, I got an 7 (A) which isn’t bad at all and I wasn’t too hugely disappointed about. For me, I think the Cold War content really brought my grade down as I found it really hard to revise and I didn’t find it very interesting. However, I’m not doing history for A Level so it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day.

Maths was a subject which I had no idea what I was going to get in my exams as it’s a very hit or miss thing for me. Although, it all worked out in the end with a 6 (B) which is good 🙂

I did fail one subject though and that was Spanish whoops. A few people in my class did fail due to the bad teaching as she was just an utter bitch to be honest which made us not give a crap about it haha so I got 3 (D) in it.

Right, English was another subject which surprised me. I got a 6 in English Language which is normally my stronger suit but instead, I got an 8 in English Literature?! That’s so weird haha. Oh, nearly forgot, I got a distinction in my English speaking.

I got a B in Business Studies and that’s good. I had no interest in the subject to be honest but it’s a good thing to have.

The most important subject for me was psychology which I got an A in!!! Yay! I’m going off to do psychology next year for A Levels at a different sixth form and for revisison, I worked my arse off so getting that A was amazing.

I hope you all had good results and that you were pleased with them. However if you didn’t, don’t worry as they are all just numbers on a sheet and won’t matter in a few years time.

Much love,

Astrid X

34 thoughts on “my gcse results (lol I failed one)

  1. Congratulations! You’ve done great. Your ‘Revise With Me’ post helped me get along with school in general – and I have not yet done my GSCEs.
    Thank you for the wonderful post! I always love hearing from you. X dullgray

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  2. ASTRID!!!! These are amazing! I’m so proud of you, especially for the physics because I know you struggled. WELL DONE :))) And ahh I’m so glad that you feel happy about it! What else are you doing apart from psychology?

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  3. Congratulations!! You’ve done so amazingly and you should be so so proud, I remember reading all your revision blog posts and you have revised so hard and tried so hard and I know it’s so hard to deal with revision on top of all the other things that teenagers have to deal with these days. And honestly you should be beyond happy! I’m so proud of you xx

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  4. I love your blog so much that you have inspired me to start one of my own. Im not that goof though. If you have any time could you check it out please. Its ok if you cant but if you can it called teen blogger and to gind it search on google thatteenthatblogsblogsite. Like i said before i love your blog. Well done on your GCSE btw. Love from teen blogger Xx

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  5. Hi, I’m a new blogger and I was wondering how you manage to balance blogging and revising for GCSEs as I’m in year ten and worried wether I would be able to keep up with blogging


  6. I just found your blog (a few seconds ago) and I’m so glad I did. I’m doing A’levels too; first year with psychology, sociology and Urdu as my subjects. I know it is probably too late but congrats on the result anyway. Have a wonderful life. 🙂


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