travel bag frenzy haul

As like most things, my parents ‘forgot’ to tell me that I’m actually leaving today to head off to Crete. So on Wednesday night when I was told, this caused me to panic and quickly get everything together ready for today. So what better to do when you have literally have no time and a 5 hour shifts at work, to do a blog post about what is in my travel bag. This is a no bullshit blog post where I don’t put in random items in this bag to just make a more interesting travel bag post for you. It is literally a quick travel bag frenzy.


The bag that I’m going to be stuffing things in is this light pink animal bag which I got a few years ago for school but disliked it for some odd reason so I never really used it. I think it’s because it was pink  so this was a bag not fit for a wanna be emo. But, I’ve found it’s purpose to be a travel bag and to be a bag for sixth form.

Probably the least important items for my travel bag but the first things I packed were my books. At the moment, I’m reading two books at the same time which is something I don’t normally feel too risky for. However, for sixth form, we have to read psychology books over the summer. I like to put in a ‘ my own choice’ book so I don’t become a psychology zombie but have a little sense of freedom in what I read.


The books that I’m reading is the Island by Victoria Hislop which is actually about the area where I’m staying at so it seemed like the perfect book to finish while flying over. I wouldn’t really call it a romance because it doesn’t really make you fall in love with the characters and their lives. I think it’s more about loss than anything.

Another book that I packed in there was Opening Skinner’s Box by Lauren Stalter which is actually not a book that drolls on but has a kind of a story telling narrative with humor in it as well. Also, the psychologists and their experiments have so much

fullsizeoutput_887.jpeghidden depth which I didn’t study in GCSE; leading me to getting excited for A-Levels.

Just arriving today, hours before I leave, my sunglasses arrive from ASOS which I actually LOVE! I never suit sunglasses but these ones I think I’ll manage to pull off. They are rose gold tinted with a really good reflection so people can see themselves in your shades.


Onto the electrical, I’m bringing my laptop and my charger (and my headphones)  because I need it to facetime my friends and also (maybe) start writing a blog post on what I’ve done and also to store extra photos on if I run out of storage on my phone. Also, I have gathered a portable charger as well because it’s very unlikely for my phone battery to last. fullsizeoutput_894

Most importantly was my Sodka book! The thing which I’m fucking brilliant at and really enjoy so that’s going to be my entertainment without good wifi for a couple of weeks.

So that’s the end of my little show and tell! And in like 3 hours, I’m going to be heading off to Luton. Anyways, I don’t know if I’m going to be posting during my holiday in Crete so in the meantime, I hope you have a lovely 2 weeks and fingers crossed, see you soon 🙂

Astrid X

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