prom prom prom.

IMG_1675 So this was the only photo from the actual prom where I don’t have a creepy smile, a lazy eye or my hair looking like I walked through a forest of snakes. So as a pre warning to this blog post, please do not take what I look like in these photos as what I actually look like in real life because I hope (pray) that I look about at least 10x better.

Unlike many people at my school, I opted for a long sleeved dress which made me look like I just came from a classy funeral. But this is the look I somehow went for because 1. I hate wearing short sleeves, 2. I only suit dark colours which is a curse as many people think I’m a goth. (which is completely not true).This navy blue dress was purchased on ASOS after five minutes of looking and was only seventy-five pounds. Now, that is a cheap price for a prom dress compared to this other girl who spent a rumoured thousand pounds (which is insane and in my opinion, too much).

For me, I hardly spent much time looking for a dress and buying things for prom. I think I did it all under a month apart from the dress which I brought in like March because the prices were low and it seemed like the perfect chance to buy the dress.

IMG_1464The hair process was probably my most favourite part of the preparation. I just loved the curls which hairdresser, who I normally go to, got my hair to do what I exactly wanted to look like. My hair clips and little hair twisty things are from Accessorise which I have linked here for you. My purse is also from there which you can see in the first photo.

Time for nails whoop!


The nails were probably the thing that got the most compliments for. I liked mine a lot but it cost like thirty three pounds so I decided to do my own makeup instead of spending loads of money on a makeup artist.

My makeup was pretty simple. I can’t remember what I exactly did haha but it was pretty basic with a few eyeshadows and eyeliner. I might do a blog post on it soon but in the meantime there’s a recreated photo of what it looked like to give you some idea 🙂

 *got a slight monobrow because i haven’t plucked my brows in ages but who gives a shit lol.

Anyways, this was a just a short blog post showing you what I did for prom as I know a few of you wanted a blog post on it so there you go. I’m going to Crete in a week but I’ll make sure to write a blog post before I go there.

Astrid X

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