stealing trolleys, burning books and falling into a crab cage (a video too!)

My first week of pure freedom couldn’t have gone any better. With a slight chemical of madness in my veins, I was going to do everything in my will to make the most of this week of just plain nothingness into complete freedom. On the first day of abandonment of exam, my prom date and my best friend, Tobi, politely asked me if I would join him and his family on a road trip to Somerset to go to Clark’s Village to dive into many suits and shoes to find the perfect prom suit for Tobi. Naturally, when I was asked, I said yes straight away but then I realised as an inept person to sometimes to talk to; I was going to find this slightly awkward to begin a conversation with his family as Tobi, as an fellow awkward person himself, I thought the shopping trip would end up embarrassing for me. But how I was wrong.

When they picked me up, the moment I got in their car, I knew that Tobi’s auntie and her boyfriend would be lovely people to get to know. My ineptness actually worked for me. Derek’s (pretend name for Tobi’s aunties boyfriend) car had it’s handles at the side of the car not on it’s door. Anyways, I didn’t know how to get into the car for a solid couple of seconds, however, it was a great conversation starter to gather a giggle between the four of us.

Before my experience of suit shopping on Saturday, I carelessly thought that buying suits would be piss-easy. Like I mean, it’s just a blazer, a ironed shirt, a matching tie and a pair of shoes. However, it was more than that. Tobi needed to be fitted by a fitting man (if that’s what you call them), he needed a tie that matched the silver on my prom dress exact and shoes that were comfortable but smart. In a weird way, I found it interesting but also, shocking how much suits bloody cost! At the end of our time at Clark’s Village, we couldn’t find the right suit so Tobi’s auntie discovered that there was a place in Castle Point which had the one. The one suit which looked perfect. So off we went, on a 2 hour drive, with me dozing off in the back with Tobi, once in a while, giving me a sweater to rest my sleepy head on. Not going to lie but I felt pretty bad for being such bad company for Tobi but I was exhausted.

Finally, we reached Castle Point where we got his suit and shoes with also a cheeky buy in accessorize by me for my some prom earrings and hair clips. As not being a very fashionable or a girl that likes to shop, Tobi’s auntie saved me by helping me pick out what to buy and what would look good with what. So it was a very successful trip.

My one goal for the summer was to go out every day so on Sunday, I went on a lovely walk with my parents in Thomas Hardy’s woods. I think the key things I remember from that walk is:

  1. The outfit I was parading around the woods


Straight legged ripped jeans from ASOS (by Newlook) which I forgot I had but when clearing my  large floortrobe, I found this miracle which has become my go to jeans.

The chunky belt is my mum’s as I don’t have a belt and these jeans always fall down in the most stupid situations.

As Tobi says, I always have to wear something black with my outfit so I had a long sleeved top from Primark, I think. It’s probably my mum’s again.

Of course, to finish off the outfit is my trusty pair of white converse which I recently washed!! Crazy times.

2. My mum being shocked and embarrassed when a conversation occured like this:

– Mum: Oh! Look at that lovely wooden hut thing. I bet lots of children like having pinics and that in there.

-Me: More like doggers mum.


3. My stomach on the way back where I was full with English Breakfast and orange juice.

4. Seeing a memorial on a bin (which my mum put a poo bag in) for someone who loved dogs. #lifegoals

Despite exam stress being over, a new stress has branded it onto me and other friends. Prom stress. On Tuesday, I went for my hair trial which turned out perfect; it was how I exactly wanted my hair to be. (After prom, I’ll make sure to write a prom post discussing all the prom details including my hair)

After my hair trial, I met up with my friend Elle who is literally beauty guru compared to me who never bothers to pluck her sluggy eyebrows. As a nice friend she is, Elle said that she would help me get ready for prom with makeup advice and have a put in with the important shoe debate; should I go in heels or go in flats? I have no clue in what I’m doing.

It was so lovely catching up with her as I felt like I hadn’t had a day out with her in a while especially this year so it was a nice way to start the day.

Another lovely day was also hanging out with my chum, Emily, who I’m going to a Florence and the Machine concert with in the Autumn (which we are both jumping down in excitement for; especially her). We spent our afternoon watching a crime/mystery series called Safe which is on Netflix and OH MY GOD…IT’S SO GOOD. After binging on that, I was then driven back by Emily’s grandad (who was so sweet and chatty) where I then spent the afternoon snoozing at home.

On Friday, my mates and I gathered together at our local private beach where we brought supplies of matches, burgers and a disposable BBQ. However, the way we travelled to the beach is the funny story. At Asda, buying our supplies, one of my guy mates decided to leg it with a trolley while me and this other girl were howling with laughter about how this is probably the most illegal thing that we have both done. It was so fun. It was about half an hour to get to the beach but it took about an hour as hanging out with very boyish guys, it ended with crashing the trolley a couple of times after racing it down this path. I’ve got a video below of the adventures of the trolley below but please excuse, the blurriness and endless chuckling from me


While waiting for the others to arrive at the beach, a small group of us went swimming where we decided to jump off the pier or whatever you call it. I hadn’t been swimming in a year or so but it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. In all honesty, I’m the most likely candidate out of my friends to drown. When I got to the top of the pier, I didn’t realise how high it was so I chickened out and cowardly  jumped off the smaller one instead. Jumping off in mid air did feel amazing though like I would normally not be up for it but it was probably one of the best bits of the day. Although, when we were turning back to the beach with me looking like a wet dog, I felt myself go onto this platform in the sea. I thought this to be extremely funny with me shouting ‘LOOK I’M WALKING ON WATER LIKE JESUS HIMSELF’ and then…feeling a large depth where I plunged into a crab cage. Not knowing at time what this was, I just felt pain in my feet and suddenly, felt other little crab feet on my feet. And if you know me, I’m a very screamish person like I can’t watch pimple popping videos or being able to touch a worm.

Apart from the scratches on my leg and a toe nail hanging off, I was okay and just before the others arrived, we moved to a smaller private beach to do the ritual. The Ritual of the Burning of the Books.  The 10 minute journey to this empty beach was itself eventful. After being pushed in the trolley, me and my other mate decided to push it as we wanted to help out the guys…what ladies we are. Although, the moment we were behind the wheels, two posh knobs decided to get out of their rich houses by the beach and have a go at us for having a trolley with their noses up at us peasants. While the boys buggered off ahead to leave us with the knobs, we lied that we had found it on our way there and that we were going to be put it back on our way home. After escaping, we walked down this narrow pathway which had no steps. Well when I saw walking, the others walked; I slide on my arse on the way down to the sand.

We then conducted the fire. It was like a scene from lord of the flies. With me and others hopping around the heat, we threw papers and books into it laughing and cursing about GCSEs. We even had cooked pork; I mean how much more could it become like a William Golding’s novel. We turned mad, we were singing and oddly I found myself dancing but maybe that’s because of the small intake of alcohol I had earlier that day. But however, probably due to our heat-oppressed brains, we had a really good time.


The fire doesn’t look very strong but I only had 2% left so I had to take a quick snap before the fire really started going crazy.

Anyways, after all that adventure of this week, I spent Saturday with my mate watching movies and just chilling out which was nice to have after having such a chaotic and busy time.

So, what have you done this weekend? Have you been watching the football like my dad? Or are you spending it with your friends? Or are you having a chilled weekend of staying at home? Either way, I hope you have had a lovely weekend 🙂

Astrid X

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