obsession with perfection.

I could get used to this. Cuddled up on my new mattress in bed with this laptop beside with a gentle sound of Ben Howard’s voice is probably the most relaxing position I could ever be in this world. With a full day of me being consistently on the tips of my feet working, has finally brought me to a good welcomed place where I feel nostalgic but completely (and utterly) worn out. After an exam heavy month, Friday was spent with me starting a new clean book called ‘the Return’ by Victoria Hislop. It’s a romance book and when my mum gave it to me a few months ago, I kept it to myself that I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy it but how the writer has constructed her beautiful descriptions of Spain and dance but also the tragic emotions of the character’s experiences with the Spanish Civil War has captured my eyes and now, I can’t stop reading it.

It scares me that books are becoming lost in our generation. Whenever I get the intrusion of my phone buzzing with a snapchat of a muggle asking what I’m up to and I replied with “Just reading a book”, there is a pause in this conversation like they are trying to work out if you’re lying to have an appearance of an intellectual or the worse…a hipster. Fellow teenagers ask “eh, why do you read books? Don’t you read enough at school?” or if they have little intelligence of themselves they call you ‘gay’. Clap them for them lot. However, I understand the distrust of someone saying that they read a book. Maybe it’s just me but I have a moment of surprise when I hear someone my age reads a book; it’s like you’ve found someone with the same name. It’s unusual for one of my mates not to be synced with Netflix 24/7 that pushes out the literacy world in this 21st century culture especially the teenage culture.

But maybe, the idea of someone lying to be intelligent is the key point to look at. Maybe we have become worn down to the artificial element of everyone trying to pretend to be someone else; that we cannot actually believe other’s so-called ‘interests’ and ‘passions’ in the world today. It’s alarming to think that. It’s hard to know if this is a growing up phase or a new culture thing where we strive to be perfect. I’m only sixteen where today, I’m only gradually being more exposed to this beautiful world each day.

With a few of my friends, the indoctrination of media has made me feel disconnected  where on their Instagrams and other social platforms, they seem to suggest like they have the perfect life. I do that too. Moreover, in reality, they still carry on with pained forced smiles on their glowing faces with a strong desire to be ideal creates me go stir crazy.

I avoid my Instagram nowadays. If you have previously followed me on my Hideaway Girl Instagram, you may found that I’ve deleted it and as I may have said previously, I couldn’t stand the constant messages of glossed over pictures. It drove me to a point where I would get irritated with the comments on one other’s photos saying how jealous we are of one other and how we wished we looked like a different person. When I go on my personal Instagram now, a pang of tension crawls to my stomach as I try to guess what my mood will be after I click on the app. Will it be delight of receiving witty memes my friends sent me? Will it be cringe of my ex’s topless photos? Will it be the guilt of how I don’t look like that perfect girl? The low self-confidence in myself has only recently been able to be accepted by me; even though, the majority of my small social group has probably already gathered that I have little love for my own face. My self love plummets  at the worse times when Instagram can make me just go into a long state of complete depression for days where I feel not myself but a disgusting thing that should sort it’s looks out in any way possible. Despite this, I know I’m not the only one who feel like this too.

But remember what we stated earlier on? Being fake is what this culture is nowadays and so Instagram is the embodiment of that devilish section of society. So, at the end of the day when I get off my Instagram and cry about how ugly I am; it’s not true. It’s just my brain overthinking that everyone is perfect and that I’m just an outcast. I don’t blame my brain or other’s brains getting like that because the fake evidence of perfection was in front of me. Although, what wasn’t in front of me was the retake of the ‘stainless’ picture hundreds of times and the expensive pile of makeup (and filters) upon the subject of the photo.

I want you to think at least three things good about yourself. It could be about how you are around others, a loved memory, a talent or something that you’re proud of such as having such an inspiring sibling or a mate. You don’t have to comment it but write it down and keep that little list in mind when you’re feeling unwanted or undeserved. It would be lovely to have a few comments about what you like about yourself and others though.

Anyways I hope you are all well and had a lovely weekend like I did,

Astrid X


26 thoughts on “obsession with perfection.

  1. I completely agree that books are becoming lost in our generation. Whenever someone asks me what I’ve been doing and I tell them I’m reading a book they always pull a look as if to say ‘why would you want to do that’. Social media now a days controls every aspect of how we see our selves and see each other which truly annoys me because there’s so many better things that we could be enjoying.
    I absolutely loved reading this post because it perfectly outlines the issues with our modern day society and reading this from someone of the same age group as me makes me happy that not everyone in our generation is controlled by social media.
    Thank you for giving me hope in our generation again Astrid. :))

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  2. I’ve been waiting for someone to make a blog post about this generation’s obsession with perfection and how we all strive to be ‘perfect’ we never take a moment to consider what is meant by the word perfect.
    We automatically assume that perfect = on fleek eyebrows, flawless skin, glossy hair and a slim yet curvy body, we never consider that perfection could also = kindness, being nice to other people, having talents and expressing ourselves through them, because of society’s twisted vision of perfection it has blurred the perspective of perfection from many people.
    Whenever we scroll through Instagram and Pinterest we see glowing models with their perfect eyebrows, pouting and looking absolutely amazing! I’m not saying they’re a bad thing, because they aren’t, they are beautiful! But we need to make sure that teenagers aren’t feeling pressured into looking like them, because I sure am, what boy or girl doesn’t want to look and feel beautiful and perfect?
    And to feel beautiful and perfect we just need to redefine our definitions of the words.
    Sorry for the rant! Just needed to let it out!!
    Thanks for an AMAZING post 🙂

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  3. I agree with everything you’ve written here! 👏🏽 This was so relatable to read and was nodding through each paragraph . Great job x

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  4. Such a good post! In the obsession with music, fashion, and a strive towards being somewhat ‘edgy’, there is something vulnerable about having a love for books as a teenager in today’s world (not that I don’t also love the above things but that they are perceived as things we ‘should’ be interested in by fellow teens these days) I loved the phrase you used to describe finding someone else who reads as being like finding someone else with the same name, it really resonated with me 🙂

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    1. Yes, teenage culture is so interesting these days but books are one of the only entertainment which makes you feel like you’re part of their world. Also, thanks for appreciating my pharse haha 🙂

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  5. I wrote a whole big reply about what a good post this is and how I totally agree with everything you just said and that I hardly ever stop reading, but the page refreshed. 😦
    Anyway, you get the idea. Everyone IS too obsessed with perfection. Some kids at my old school are eight and have Instagram. Can you believe that?! What’s wrong with good old fashioned books?!

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    1. Sorry for the rubbish reply, my keyboard went all weird but yeah, woah 8 year olds having instagram is crazy!! I didn’t get instagram properly until I was at least 13


  6. I totally agree with you! This is an amazing post and it says exactly what I’ve been thinking since I started high school. I LOVE books, I am basically always reading, but some kids at my old school are eight years old and have Instagram! And everyone IS too obsessed with being perfect. Plus, if everyone was “perfect”, we’d all be the same! Wow, this blog was so thought-provoking I’m going to blog about perfectness now 😀

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  7. I feel like teen girls naturally are obsessive over perfection.. I related to this post almost TOO much. In primary school, I only had one friend who was as obsessed with books as me: at a time when people were starting to get obsessed over Netflix and trying to be beauty gurus.. but you seriously CAN’T beat the power of a good book! I’ve read your posts for a while and I think you’re AMAZING and you’ve helped me pluck up the courage to start my own blog xx (sorry for the cheesiness 😂)

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  8. This is such a great post! I completely agree that books are getting kinda obsolete. Everytime I read a book, a lot of my friends wonder how I could read a hundred page book. Social media is really great but sometimes, it can be too toxic for someone.

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  9. I couldn’t agree with you more on this. In the present world where social medias are one of the greatest obsession most of the teenagers think that reading books is quite silly and out of fashion. They feel that it is a waste of time… And to say , I myself,have encountered such situations where people have looked at me awkwardly when I say my favourite hobby is reading…

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  10. I don’t have social media, other than this blog I am completely shut off from it. I have shelves and shelves of books and I still use the library. I am in a good habit of reading before bed, which helps! I’ve nominated you for the Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Tag! (https://kittyjadeblog.com/2018/08/22/yesterday-today-and-tomorrow-how-bad-are-yours/).
    I couldn’t agree with you more on this subject. My best friends are bookworms – and the only way communicate is via book memes! XD
    Hope you have another wonderful weekend!
    Erin x | http://kittyjadeblog.com

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