thank god, exams are over

Oh my gosh…it’s bloody ended!!!

My GCSE exams are over now which means yes, I’m back to blogging!!! I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited to come back to blogging ever in my life; literally when I had 20 minutes left in my very boring physics exam today, I was just thinking about getting my hands on this keyboard and finally being able to write a blog post. And now, I’m here and I’m sighing with relief that I will never ever have to do that many exams in that short period of time.

During this last past month or so, my frazzled brain has just been full of exams and revision which hasn’t left me with much room to think about other things so that’s why I was gone for so long. It was so difficult to put blogging at the back of my mind; towards the end of my exams, my mind just melted but still pined to write and talk to you guys. And bloody hell, do I have so much to say.

This summer, for me, is about relaxation and catching up on the money front with my summer job. Despite my plans for a lazy summer , that doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot to do. My prom is in a few weeks and like most of my girlfriends, the next couple of weeks is going to packed with hair trials and many trips to bournemouth to pick out shoes and other things. As you may not know, I’m shitting myself for prom. I hate the idea of prom. Spending so much time and effort on one night which is most likely going to end with everyone getting shit faced and dragging our dead bodies home in the morning just seems not that big of a deal but then, kind of perfect. Although it’s tradition for our school community so I’m reluctant enough to spend my money and get completely wasted ๐Ÿ˜‰

The main reason why I’m also not looking forward to prom is that unlike my friends, I’m probably going to a different school for sixth form next year. It’s actually a really big thing for me as it means leaving a place where I am familiar with it’s surroundings and it’s opponents to an unknown place where I’m going to be billy-no-mates for a few days so it’s freaking me out a bit. As a socially inept person who finds it hard to communicate with other human beings, introducing myself to new people is a dark nightmare for me. However, changing sixth forms needs to be done because I don’t feel overall happy at the school that I’m already at (due to many reasons) so I think a new fresh start with new faces will just be the right thing for me.

In the time towards September, these beautiful days are going to be full of writing blog posts, reading books, going on cycle rides and just hanging out with my mates on the beach. Of course, I’m most excited for those non-work days where I can sleep in and watch as many Jane the Virgin episodes as I so please. Reading books is a treasure which I lost during exam period and the moment I publish this blog post, I’m going to have my sweaty head stuck in a fresh new book and it makes me smile just at the thought of it.

Right, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Quite a few people messaged me on twitter and email to ask how my exams were going. My answer to mostly all of them is I have no idea. I like to forget about exams after I’ve done them because there’s no point in dwelling over them which I did for my first psychology exam. My psychology grade is one that I have high exceptions for so after I learnt I completely fucked up a 6 mark question my heart just sank for the rest of the day which sounds so stupid but I’ve worked so hard for psychology. Anyways, my advice for people who have just done exams is forget about them. Just think about them on exam results day when you discover how well you did and then, you can move on to the next section of your life; whatever that might be.

I wish you the most amazing summer but also, for people still at school, make the most of your school days because when looking back on it, I wish I was more calm during last summer term and just enjoyed the sun instead ofย  worrying about the next year.

My brain is so dead due to the Physics exam this morning so I’m going to call this blog post a day and I’ll see you VERY soon

Astrid X




20 thoughts on “thank god, exams are over

  1. I’m so happy for you that you’re done now, my last GCSE is next week and I’m absolutely dying for the day to come sooner! I hope you enjoy your prom though, hopefully it ends up being a fun night.

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  2. I had fun at my senior prom, it was a great night. But there was nothing so special about it. Prom may not have matched my unreasonable expectations, but it was one of the best nights of my life. I hope you too as well will enjoy your prom night. ๐Ÿค—

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  3. Well done on finishing your exams!! I can 100% relate to the relief. Would love it if you’d go check out my blog. Recently changed my blog so I will be focusing on revision tips, getting into university and life at university so might be useful for you in the next for years. xx

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  4. oh god i finished my gcses about a 2 weeks ago but i honestly just feel like i started my holidays now, (i just had my prom). Throwing away my notes was the most satisfactory thing in the world, i just cant wait to relax this summer. Hope you have a good one too.

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  5. really !! my exams also got over today, by the way i am Tanvi form india. it was really a kind of that if i am in the hospital where we cannot do any thing except from lying down and resting

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