After School//Revise with me (4 hours)

Hi everyone! I’ve started my GCSEs this week so I haven’t been able to finish off this blog post which I started last week which is from revision that I’ve done a week ago but anyways, I hope you enjoy it and please tell me in the comments if you want another revision type sort of post.

Whenever I’m revising, I like to have a nice drink before hand (which I would prefer to be alcohol but you know, I can’t really do that) so I had a nice iced latte from the local Co-Op. While drinking, my mum likes to talk to me and we talk about what’s happened at school or work and it’s lovely to be in a relaxed mindset ready for that revision as I feel like if I don’t talk through the gossip/troubles about school, it really builds up while revising so it’s always a good idea to vent it out. You can do that by like writing, talking to a mate or just maybe, just singing a bit before doing some good productive work.

The timings I do with revision is the Pomdoro Technique which is doing 25 minutes sessions of revision and 5 minute break in between and doing that 4 times with then a 15 minute break and repeat. It’s a really good idea because it like gives you a good amount where you don’t stress and do like a ridiculous amount of work. The 5 minute break in-between also unstresses me and like settles my mind again for the next bit of work.


I begin with doing 25 minutes of English Revision where on my timetable (yeah, I’m that organised crazy), it says that I had LOF revision which is looking at an exam question about how ‘Why do you think Golding chose to set Lord of the Flies on an island, and how does he use the island in the novel?’. Now, I didn’t know any bloody quotes for this so I decided to write what I could gather/recall from previous revision and then, search up the question in google. I looked at other essays while looking at my quizlets for previous setting quotes to help me come up with an answer. Realising I had no quotes about the island, I made a new quizlet about my new setting quotes and ideas such as Golding uses the island to show the damage of human kind through war and blah blah.

After my 25 minutes is up, I spend 5 minutes as a break where I plan this lovely blog post for you but normally, I spend five minutes looking through BBC news to see what’s happening or to look on Spotify and update my playlist. The album I was listening was The Head and the Heart by the Head and the Heart (good album but the cover looks like that Black Mirror episode ‘The White Bear’)


5 minutes was up. I spent another 25 minutes adding details to my quotes but also, making sure I had enough detail. I looked at another esssays and like steal ideas which is always a good idea. I was getting distracted by the music so I decided to change my music to DNE which was more acoustic and relaxing so it would be ideal to learn quotes with in the background.

After my next 5 minute break is over, I start my AQA Unit 1 psychology exam paper which I didn’t manage to finish in class because our really funny American supply teacher was talking about drugs and making jokes about how her 15


year old grows weed in his room (which isn’t true at all). Anyways, I finish off my paper which took about 3 minutes which was actually alright with my Spotify Paris playlist in my headphones. Also, I add some SPD studies to my quizlet which I’ve forgotten to learn and then, I look over them for about an hour.

Taking another 5 minute break, I started on biology where I looked over diagrams which I had made previously. I try and memorise the details on another sheet, I find this a really useful method to do especially for science. I did that for mitosis and nervous system, I corrected them with a pink pen to make sure I learn it next time I look at my notes. While doing biology revision, I then got a facetime call from Emily which we do on the daily where we motivate each other to revise (or chat). After about half an hour of biology, I had dinner and while eating dinner, I watched some youtube for about 15 minutes.



After tea I did an hour of chemistry where I looked at the wonders of seperate chemistry and helped Emily with some equation moles rubbish. We ended our facetime call so I thought I would make the most of being 100% concentrated and made a prompt sheet on how to make ammonium sulphate in a lab.



Finally, I finished off with half an hour of biology where I went over monoclonal antibodies because I didn’t know what the hell they were and still don’t but I’ll make sure to do that another time.


That was 4 hours of revision done whoop and it was around 9.30 so I washed my hair, tidied my room and like got ready for bed and watched youtube until 11.

Anyways, I hoped this help moviate you or just interested you at all. Please tell me if it has or not because I then know if to do it again for you guys.

Good luck in your exams,

Astrid X


16 thoughts on “After School//Revise with me (4 hours)

  1. I like how you approach studying. I always think about breaks, but half the time I’m too worried about getting all my work done. Staying motivated and relaxed is such a good way to work!

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  2. I’ve been keeping up with your blog since before I started my blog. In fact you were one of the reasons I decided to set up my blog! You’ve really inspired me. You’re going to do so well in your exams. I wish you the best of luck xx

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  3. Reblogged this on KittyJade and commented:
    I’ve been so busy revising I haven’t had time to post for you guys! But as this ties in with the topic I am struggling by – I though it would be a great* post for you, my lovelies.

    *this is better than great! I love the post so much and the method has helped me a ton.

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