the exams and how it’s going to affect this blog/update.

‘When are you going to be posting a blog post next, Astrid?’

This is a question that my mate Emily said to me nearly a month ago and she also asked me yesterday. It’s a question which makes me extremely happy to hear because someone is interested in what I write but it also makes me panic because yeah, I haven’t written a blog post in a month. Don’t get me wrong; I have tried. I have so many drafts of me writing about a passionate subject but then, after ten minutes, it goes to shit and I have no confidence in what I’m writing. Maybe my lack of motivation is because of the tons revision that I have to do now for my GCSEs and when I do have a break, I want to be away from writing and to be hanging out with my friends. I love blogging; I really do but I don’t want it to become a thing to be stressed about.

My exams start in May. It may sound like a long time but I know that two months fly by and I need to revise. My education, sadly, becomes before blogging so I’m not going to be writing on here regularly and I’m not going to be reading blog posts.

I don’t like to say how stressed or how my anxiety is going sometimes because it feels like I sound like I’m trying to make up an excuse or that I’m looking for pity. However, my anxiety has got worse and I’m currently focusing on myself.

In my spare time, I relax. I read a book about mindfulness and balance or I watch Peaky Blinders. Blogging at the moment has a slight pressure for me as I feel like I need to be blogging and reading your blog posts, maybe it’s because it includes other people. So that’s why I haven’t been posting. I need the time that is away from revision and school to be about me and only me.

I envy bloggers who write throughout the year even during the exam period. I’m so jealous of how they have that ability to have the energy to continue to look at a computer screen for even longer than necessary.

However, maybe after writing this blog post, I will write more than I have done in the past month. Don’t count on it though.

Astrid X

p.s. I’m sorry for being a shit blogger at the moment (I’ll be back fully in a month or two)



20 thoughts on “the exams and how it’s going to affect this blog/update.

  1. I missed your posts! I find that exam season is always such a weird time because days just kind of melt into each other. Good luck on your exams! Also, is Peaky Blinders any good? I have been contemplating watching it but I’m not sure if the concept is for me. xx


  2. Wow, me too. Exams coming up (so scary, teachers are on countdown, my MUM is on countdown…I haven’t done any revision yet!!) and it’s so hard to blog. I find that I balance it badly, but I’m quite active on my Instagram letting people know about the situation. When I get the chance to write, I try to do at least 2-3 posts written at once and schedule them, although that’s not something that happens often. I think they’re really stressful, but think about the long summer we have and how nice it’ll be knowing we’ve tried our best no matter what the results. Always here for a chat about exams if you want! Great post xx

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  3. Hello Astrid! I really liked your blog. I found it about 2 weeks ago and I come to your blog regularly in order to read them. I also like writing like you. Anyways, good luck to your exams, and I really appreciate the fact that you prioritize your school studies just like me.

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  4. Hey, Astrid x I’ve wanted to start my own personal blog for a while, but keep getting too anxious about it. You’re the same age as me, and it seems like you’re doing great! I’d love to know how you started and became successful, and i would love it if you gave me some tips, also being a creative teen with a big personality 🙂

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    1. Hi Gabi! Thanks for your comment, it’s lovely to hear that you like reading my blog and that you enjoy writing one too! My tips for blogging would be to have fun, be true to yourself and make sure to respect other bloggers and not care about the views, it will come to you at your own time 🙂 X


  5. Hi, i totally i understand you, Im having my exam period right now, and its hard sometimes to concentrate on things like writing. Good luck with your exams 🙂

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