Travelling? Quokkas? Motivation?

A few weeks ago, before all the mocks happened, I asked you guys for a few questions for me to answer and I think these have been the best questions so far. Literally, I have found it so hard to narrow down what to answer and here you go 🙂

‘Apparently, there’s this thing that when you die you can have your ashes turned into a vinyl record. My question is what song would you choose if you were to do that?

That’s such a sweet and lovely idea. That’s a beautiful way to commemorate a life. My song would probably have to be something beautiful and emotional but also happy so I really like this cover of ‘I’m gonna be (500 miles)’ because the original song is so happy and upbeat, but this one has so much meaning and emotions in it…I can’t deal with it, it makes me tear up which is hard to do with songs.

How did you deal with people from your school reading your blog?

My first reaction to people finding out was a massive panic attack. It’s overwhelming to know that people can access my a huge and detailed aspect of my life with just one click and find out about my mental health issues and how I feel about things which I don’t talk about to most people. I never found out how people found out. Anyways, people did talk about it for a bit but it’s kinda settled down now and if people do still read it, that’s cool. I mean I have been more considerate what I’ve been posting like I could be posting really explicit contents of my life which I wouldn’t want a lot of people to know in my ‘real’ life. My mate, Foster, thinks that quite a lot of people in my school do read it but they just stay quiet about it which is really really lovely of them.

What do you value most, trust/loyalty/kindness?

For me, it’s loyalty. I think to be loyal, you can be trusted and so, that’s what I’m looking for in someone. It’s difficult to find loyalty in people at a young age because everyone is changing and new people are always coming into your life. But even in friendships, loyalty is so important to have and I hope I’m considered loyal to my friends.


I feel like I’m pretty good at exam motivation. The way I get through it is to make a list of what needs to be done that day and I give myself a reward e.g. going out with my mates to the cinema and a coffee. When I’m having a breakdown at my desk, I go through what will be benefited in the long term like good grades. Although, I sound like I have it together sometimes I’m literally screaming with stress just like everyone else.

 How fussy are you about your appearance?

I’m not that bad actually. I put eyeliner on and mascara to keep up my grumpy look haha. I don’t know really know how to answer this question so I’ve asked my mate. Their reply was ‘Well, at the moment, no because it’s the last thing on your mind but in the past, yes very fussy’ so I guess that answers that haha.

What’s a country you’ve always wanted to visit? 

I’ve always wanted to go to India which looks like they have such an interesting culture and the views look like they would be incredible. My mum went to India for a quite a bit and she really enjoyed it there, she wants to go back so maybe I’ll go with her if she isn’t embarrassed by me.

If you had to pick a song to represent your life at the moment, which one would you choose?

That’s your lot by Blaenavon. It’s a really good song and yeah, I feel like it can be interpreted in lots of ways. It could be seen as a happy song, a sad song or a song where someone has got (physically or mentally hurt).

Do you know what you want to do/ study after school? If so, what is it?

I want to study Psychology with Criminology at University. Although, I keep changing my mind all the time. For after education, I have no idea!!

Truthfully, what’s one thing you hate at school?

I think it’s the pressure to fit in. I mean I’ve always felt like I’ve had to and I can’t deny that I don’t anymore but I think I’m starting to grow out of it now and I don’t care so much anymore. Another thing is that on days when you don’t feel as social as you want to be, you have to be surrounded by people and expected to be social back. Maybe that’s just life, I don’t know.

everyone is asking such serious, deep questions, but my simple question for you is:
What’s your favorite color?

Man, I mean I don’t really have one. I mean my favorite scene is having a sunset over my local beach but my favorite color… I have no clue. I think the color that I mostly wear is black but I know someone will comment but that’s a shade; I don’t care lol.

Do you know what a Quokka is? If yes, do you like it?

Oh my god, I literally think I’ve had a conversation about Quokkas before. Wait, let me search…OH GOD YES. NO, I HATE THEM, LITERALLY. Is this in a blog post somewhere? I can’t stand them and I literally had a massive argument about them with one my classmates once. How the hell? Did you know that I disliked them?

In which section of a bookshop would we be most likely to find you?

Argh. I love this question and I think the section you would find me at the moment would be the mystery books. I love murder mysteries, I love them. If you have any good recommendations, please do tell me in the comments below 🙂

Bye my loves and I hope you have a fab week,

I’ll see you soon; I’ve got a lot of exciting things to look forward to 🙂

Astrid X

13 thoughts on “Travelling? Quokkas? Motivation?

  1. The thing about dealing with people reading your blog is so true. I just remember one girl in my class came up and started talking to me in PE and then she was just like, “I love your blog!” … and I was like “what?!” Then this other girl said she’d read it too and the third chick (who was actually one of my friends) got the nerve to be pissed off at me because I didn’t tell her. The first girl went into a snapchat message where someone had sent her the link. And then I figured out later from some digging that my ex-best friend (who I’d told) had told her entire friend group and it spread around. I was absolutely crushed as that blog had become some sort of online diary to me.

    Thankfully, I’ve moved on and just let people read it if they want of whatever. I just make sure I don’t post such personal stuff. But I was surprised the other day at how nice it felt when a sort-of-friend mentioned to me casually that she read a blog post of mine and really enjoyed it. And sometimes I get messages from some other people I know just commenting about some stuff I had to say and how they agree. And at first I was always a bit shocked and I’d clam up whenever someone mentioned my blog, but now I’m better at talking about it.

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    1. Ah that’s really good that you’re able to not let people who read your blog stop you from blogging. It seems really difficult at first but everyone get’s used to the idea of us being bloggers and it’s lovely having people you know complimenting your blog 🙂 X

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think people get used to it like any piece of gossip and just move on to the next thing. And that leaves me, secret out, with barely anyone saying anything bad because its old news and no one cares anymore.

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  2. Heyo!! Just got a break from my exams right now!!
    U wanna visit India?? Well I’m from there!!!! Yasss!!!
    Well I wanna visit Europe!!!! Oml dats it. When I turn 18 , I’m coming over nd staying at ur place. U can stay at mine.

    Love frm India♥

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