little ways to change my 2018

The ways I’m changing my life are going to be small changes this year but hopefully add up to a bigger and better result. I think, last year, I just didn’t have a nice and healthy balance of friends, work, and dating. It made me go stir crazy to the point where my friends and my mum told me that I should think of sorting it out so this year I’m going to try. It’s not going to be like last year’s goals which were too ambitious and well, too healthy which I didn’t even stick by for a week.

The first thing I’m going to tackle is that I want to go out every weekend and not just stay inside where I stare at Netflix and lay in crumbs. For me, staying inside for 42 hours made me so extremely bored which led to making me be left with my brain and get too focused on everything happening which made me paranoid about everything to the point where I would text people all day and check they were okay with me. It sounds really intense and silly but that’s what my brain does when I don’t have social activity. So, going out means that I have to do at least one social thing per weekend which could be with my friends or meet someone new. I’ve done it pretty well so far which I’m pleased with and here are some pictures of the adventures I have been on since the new year.

Okay, mostly just chilling at coffee shops with my mate Joanna but I still really enjoy it 🙂

I haven’t been very comfortable in my own skin for a bit so I want to do some exercise to relax my brain but also to feel good about myself. For my exercises, I’ve been watching youtube videos such as the channel, POPSUGAR Fitness, to have fun dancing but also get that ready mindset for the busy year ahead. Dancing is something I’ve always enjoyed as when I was younger, I used to dance but I stopped when I hit that stage in puberty where you become self-conscious of everything you’re doing. I regret so much! I wish I carried on dancing as even though I was shit at it, I still really enjoyed it! Back to the point, it’s only the start of my fitness journey (whatever gym people call it) so I’m not going to be doing these exercises every day but it will be something I will do when I don’t have exams in the week and have that extra time.

Next summer is a pretty long summer for me because I would have left school early due to having finished my GCSEs (!!) so I’m considering to do NCS to go out of my comfort zone and to discover new friends in the area. NCS is bastically this 4 week course where you go away for one week, do some stuff in the community and learn new skills. It’s meant to be good for university applications but I’m mostly doing it for confidence building and to try something new. Don’t get me wrong, I’m scared shitless because I think of myself as awkward and I just mumble uncontrollably around people sometimes when they just want silence so I don’t know how it would turn out. However, I do need to grow a pair of balls and start doing stuff outside my comfort zone once in a while.

So yeah, I’m going to try to stick to small things for this year because let’s be honest, New Year resolutions all go to shit for everyone but I’m going to focus on small goals this year.

What are your new resolutions? Is it the classics of eating more healthy, to do better at organisation or not be as grumpy? Or is it something that is completely different from most people? Skydiving, beating your fear of roller coasters or traveling? Have you stuck with them well yet or completely failed? Or did you just not bother this year?

Astrid X

16 thoughts on “little ways to change my 2018

  1. I’m also focusing on little goals this year, of course I have resolutions but I’ve learned not to beat myself up because of them. So, I’m taking baby steps till I get there…And I absolutely love this post!☺

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  2. Hey :). Yeah, these small steps are much better than ‘classical’ New Year’s resolutions, which I never really focus on the whole year 😂.
    I started reading your blog just yesterday, but I LOVE it. Your writing style is so nice and your English not too hard for me, haha, it’s not my first language. Keep doing so well, I’m looking forward to your posts ;).

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