how beautiful life can be

This was written for a friend which I showed her before publishing this and I asked her if I could because I know a some of you need to just have a reminder about how beautiful life can be 🙂 x

Dear Friend,

I wanted to write you something for a while now even before this mess happened so especially after what you’ve been through I wanted to write this for you. You’re probably wondering why I’m writing it in this format but it’s because I find it’s the easiest to do it on my blog because it’s always where I’ve written stuff.

This blog post isn’t supposed to be beautiful and emotional. What it is meant to be is the truth because I know that in your hard life at the moment, you find it hard to find the truth in most things and that really sucks.

My truth is that you’re the friend that I relate most to. Of course, I don’t relate to you entirely and that’s the same for you. And that’s okay. But I just wanted to write you this so you can look back on this whenever and look for the glimmer of truth which I want to lead to hope. I want you to hope for a new beginning.

The new beginning isn’t going to happen just yet because of the people around you but when you’re old enough and you get into university (which I know you will), you will be away and starting a new life. And so many people are rooting for you and I can’t wait for you to be happy once again.

The world and I need your smile. You are so lovely and I don’t know how anyone could hurt someone so kind. You make me feel so welcome in the world and I want that to be my mission in this blog post for you to feel welcome in this beautiful world.

Yeah, this world has a lot of bad in it but time will come when you’re going to be able to get away from the people that constantly upset you but you are already surrounded by people who love you.

I want you to:

be able to feel the crunchy leaves in Autumn next year,

to sing with your heart full in a happy crowd at a concert,

to feel the cold breeze of a winter day,

to fall in love,

to have more birthdays,

to getting your drivers license,

finishing a book you love,

having contagious laughter,

having a good laugh,

to look up at the stars

and to travel the world.

You have so much to live for and I want you to know that.

Astrid x



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