fall faves.

Hellooo, today’s post is about all things ‘fall’  which include pictures from  ‘my average fall day’. If anyone of you guys knows me in everyday life, you’ll know that I love autumn! I go full out (that unintended pun though) with Halloween decorations, fall indie songs and even, wearing colour coordinated clothes.

autumn fall outfits

The outfit that I’ve been loving to wear during this time of year, has been my checked skirt (or Scottish kilt, Reece likes to call it) with a woolly pair of tights and a high neck black knitted jumper with, of course, my trusted (and very dirty) white converse. The skirt that is (in the picture on the left) is from ASOS, the black high neck jumper is also from ASOS and my tights are just from New Look. It’s a very casual wear but looks really cool and different to last years wear (leggings and a jumper so I thought I would jazz it up).




Going onto makeup, the only things I’ve been using have been Barry M’s Fall in Love eyeshadow palette, Collection brunette eyebrow kit and (my all time go to) Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara.

The eye palette’s colours make me so happy with the oranges and the browns which everyone knows are the colours of autumn so I’ve been going crazy with the fullsizeoutput_35f.jpegcombinations of eyeshadows.

fullsizeoutput_346 So there’s me posing with a cheesy smile! I’ve been making lots of loose curls recently after just cutting my hair WHICH I F**CKING LOVE! Yeah so that’s what my hair looks like 🙂

If you guys know of any hairstyles which short haired people can do please tell me in the comments below 🙂


This weekend, I picked myself up a new hot chocolate mix which is Option’s Belgian Choc Orange. Especially in the winter, I love to come back home from school with a hot drink to do my homework so this will sure be my go to.

Anyways, I hope you’ve enjoyed this short and sweet blog post. This isn’t something I normally write so please tell me what you think about it and if I should  do reviews/favs more often,

Astrid xxx

48 thoughts on “fall faves.

      1. Wow! I love your new style on your blog. It’s awesome! I also love all things fall and this post! Thanks, and please check out my last post to understand why I’m signing off this comment with ‘Erin’ not ‘Jade’.
        Erin, x

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  1. LUVED IT!! 😆 I love your faves, I love the clothes, they’re so autumnal!!!!! 😍😍 And I am OBSESSED with your palette, it’s EVERYTHING!! 🎉🦄 It looks so good on you!! *don’t get me wrong you don’t actually need it cause you’re so pretty* 😃 Ok maybe I’m making you uncomfortable imma shut up 😅

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  2. I cut my hair to my shoulders recently and I really love doing the braided half up bun. It’s stylish and very comfortable, while keeping your hair out of your face! 🙂 You look very cute with short hair btw!

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