the future is what is keeping me sane

Life is busy at the moment. However, nothing has really gotten better but distracting myself with big tasks has really made me look forward to things. For example, the amnesty international group is coming along nicely and we are getting ready to start promoting it. The school Christmas fete is taking place in two weeks time and we’re organising a secondhand book sale to raise money for Amnesty but also, promote the school youth club and try to get new members.

I enjoy having control over something like Amnesty and this blog. In a lot of my aspects in my life, I can’t control much and this gives me a bit of a boost in my ego haha. I’ve made a new friend at Amnesty which is cool as it’s nice to just have that friendly conversation and be able to feel wanted in the conversation.

The promise of a future is what is keeping me going as well. Thinking about starting a new life after school, makes me determined to get good grades, to get out of this small town and get on with life. This town is getting too small for me now and I want to go to the City where I can decide what to do with my life.

It’s exciting and getting older is terrifying to think about for me at the moment but I know that when I get there, I will be enjoying the independence but also freaking about responsibilities.

Due to friendships right now, I’m not bothering to try to sort any lost friendships right now. I guess the other person didn’t want to hold on to it and she also had a chance to tell me why she hated me, but she just replied with a lame mumble of ‘it’s no big deal.’. What? haha, that makes no sense as she didn’t bother speaking to me for a month so (apparently) that’s no big deal.

Anyways, maybe it is time for me to just forget about that past friendship as in a year, we would have moved on to different sixth forms with different futures ahead of us. Who cares, right? We got to look forward to those years and forget about those relationships but look back at the memories and smile,

Astrid xxx



12 thoughts on “the future is what is keeping me sane

  1. I agree with you, it’s better to just look towards the future and continue to move forward and look back at the memories later on instead of living in them. Great post as always 😇

    Ljoy x

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  2. You’re are so right. Also, when me and my friend got into a fight she just replied “Well, I hope we can still be friends.” I was really mad because she told a lie about me to every one in my school so… no I don’t think we could still be friends. But now I moved schools so I’m fine about it.

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  3. Hello I just started a blog about two months ago. It would b nice if I could check it out and give some feedback. I update once or twice a month.

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  4. I’m also dealing with some issues with a friend and while I’d been trying really hard to salvage our friendship, I’ve now decided that I’m worth more, I guess. Like you said, there’s nothing I can do if they just simply don’t care and I deserve better than a toxic friend. I’m glad you’re able to move on from them! Also I definitely relate to the control thing haha.

    Great post and I hope you have a lovely day

    teaandbeesandthings ❤

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  5. You’re amazing. The fact that you can let go of unnecessary friendships is impressive. I have had friendships that led to much hurt but I could never let go.
    Also, I have two unrelated questions. I am starting a blog and have no clue what I’m doing. How do you add your GoodReads info? Or other links you’ve included on your homepage. And your photos? You have amazing pics in your posts! Do you create them or what?

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