What do you think about sponsership?

A little thought today: How would you feel if I did sponsor blog posts?

I know some people hate them but also some people like hearing about new things to buy/see. In my blog, I would make the blog post creative around the advertised topic but before I even sign myself up for it, I wanted to ask how would you feel if I did that?

Would you hate it? I want your input in it as I don’t want to do something which my readers are going to hate. Also, if I did get paid well via sponsorship, it would let me be able to quit my weekend job and be able to concentrate more on blogging which, therefore, I will be able to get a better connection with you guys and be able to blog more.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t do companies that I would find boring because I don’t want to write anything which is dull for me and dull for you. My blog is my place of enjoyment so I would have to like the company to be able to write about it so therefore it would be an interesting blog post to read?

Geezz.. I’m stuck on this. It won’t turn into a money making business but it would help me to be able to pay for things like e.g saving up for uni,ย  an upgraded plan on WordPress or a new video camera. What do you think? Tell me in the comments below,

Astrid xxx


34 thoughts on “What do you think about sponsership?

  1. Yes! I think you should go for it! But the minute you’ve stopped enjoying it, stop. I sometimes like sponsored posts but like you said only when it’s not boring.

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  2. I think you should go for it, it seems like a great opportunity! If you do sponsorships that you enjoy, not only just for the money, you’ll definitely have fun with it and we will have fun reading it!

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  3. I think if it works for you, and you believe that you will engage with the sponsor, and that your followers will engage to, then go for it. I neither like nor dislike sponsored posts any more than โ€œnormalโ€ posts, so long as it is made clear that they are sponsored.

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  4. Go for it! I don’t understand why people get annoyed with bloggers. As long as you speak the truth and not lie about your impressions, is say you should do it xx

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  5. i feel like you are doing well with your blog so far , just make sure to leave your readers excited about the next time you write .


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