little sidestreets with big views and Disneyland :)

“A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of Life.” – Thomas Jefferson

Nobody knows this thing about me (I don’t think) but I hate quotes. Whenever I see them, I have flashbacks to Year 7 Instagram feeds of galaxies and sad ass quotes. It’s a weird dislike to have but I still traumatized by Tumblr’s annoying spam. However, this quote by Mr Jefferson is a quote which I agree with. It is very unusual for me to like a quote as I’m very stubborn towards my view on quotes.

I fell in love with Paris. People looking at my Instagram wouldn’t think that because I hardly posted about it really but I really did love Paris. It made me want to learn French immediately and to travel even more. The moment I was on EasyJet on the way back to England, I knew I would be back again in no time.

During the Picasso exhibition that we went to on the second day, I was daydreaming the whole entire time of taking amazing trips around the world with a laptop, phone, and a camera. Looking at different cultures during the day and writing about them during the night is one of my golden dreams that I desire to do. Of course, reality hits me and it’s unlikely that I won’t be able to do that but the possibility still drives my crazy imagination in museums to go wild with excitement to travel independently.

I’m not a huge fan of Picasso. Yeah I know, shot me but I still admire his skill and creativity. I like paintings that tell you the hidden meaning, not several. When I use to visit the Modern Tate, I would go home and try to do my own artwork, to make a new idea behind art. It might sound easy but it really isn’t and my skill in art is 0%.

Montmartre. God how do I start to tell you how fucking amazing it was. A large hill filled with beauty that I’ve only seen in a very few place in my life.The air consisted of an atmosphere of freedom of creativity.


The Chapel making the highest part of the little part of Paris starred how this city is represented; romantic, talent, fairy tales and history. But the view is really what took me and thousands of others breath away.


The clear blue skies of that day just really brought out the happiness of the city in that moment and in a time of hurt for me, I truly felt happy for an hour or so.


This autumn season just made the little side streets even more special. By looking at the inspiring artists work, their drawings were using the orange colours to add to the brightness of the city.

The next day was my birthday, the birthday which I turned 16! My family and I went to the Palace of Versailles which is another place which I’ve been dreaming to go for years and years. It’s a place full of stories and drama. For some strange reason, I have a little girl crush on  Marie Antionette even though she was probably a massive bitch, haha.

Just itself, the outside of the palace shocked me about how splendid and gorgeous it looked.


But the inside of this palace was really what made me awe in amazement.

To be honest, I was so excited about visiting it that I forgot to take loads photos. However, I did take a lot of videos if you want to check out my recent youtube video 😉

During the day, I literally had to keep pinching myself to see if this was real because 1. I WAS THERE WHERE MARIE ANTIONETTE WAS and 2. I MET LORDE IN MY FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE WHOLE WORLD WTF.

It was fucking brilliant.


The next morning, we decided to chill around the hotel room but around the afternoon, we went to the Arc de Triomphe which I admit wasn’t my cup of tea that day because my legs were exhausted from walking everywhere around Paris. Walking up the stairs to the top of Arc de Triomphe was painful and I get really claustrophobic in tight corridors so I was having panic attacks around it a little.

IMG_0323.JPGWe went back to our hotel early because we had a big day ahead of us which was Disneyland, whoop whoop!

IMG_0339.JPG Disneyland has always been my little dream as a girl to go there but when I got older, I thought it would be too young but oh, how I was wrong! It was incredible, the happy vibes of the people around us created this atmosphere of pure joy. It was a great time to spend it with my mum and my brother who both really enjoyed it as well 🙂

After Disneyland, I took no photos whatsoever of the next day or the flight home so that’s all I have for you 🙂

Paris really was an eye-opener for me because it made me want to travel and look at different walks of life. Where do you want to travel next?

Astrid xxx



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      1. I’m very excited to go to Italy! I’ve never really been anywhere overseas! (Except for a french island called New Caledonia that I visited on a cruise.) And the malaysia trip is a world challenge thing which means we get to go there and help people! The previous year built a playground and bought schoolbooks for children in Thailand.

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