my real revision plan

Hi, everyone! So, I said on Twitter a few days ago that I would make a revision blog post but I didn’t get around to it as soon as I would have liked but now, I have finally finished all of my emotions and revision that I had to do (well mostly). I watch Eve Bennett (and her fab revision channel) which has really relaxed me but has also helped  me shape how I revise. I find that a lot of people either say ‘I do like 6 hours of revision a school night’ (which is mostly bullshit) or others saying ‘I don’t do any’ while holding their essay with a massive A+ on the front. Either way, it doesn’t help and so..I’m going to be 100% honest  and tell you my revision routine.

When I get home from school, I normally have a quick shower and then get changed into comfy clothes (which is normally a really old pair of bambi type pj bottoms). Then, I scroll through my snapchat and mostly unsuccessfully, try and get away from it before I spend ages on my phone.

After that, I turn my laptop on and look at my planner to see if I had any homework (or things to finish off) from school. I’ve started to do my homework the night it gets set because I find that it gets rid of some of the stress and I can focus on things that really need to be doing e.g revising the day before a test (which is what I’ve been doing, eh)

So on Tuesday, I made a small table of what i need to do and what would be nice to do. So on need to do, it was chemistry revision (I have a test next week), maths revision (I’m rubbish at probability so I needed to recap) and on what would be nice to do, was my  history homework (which was set on that day).

My general what to revise after school plan is:

  1. A science
  2. Maths or English
  3. A ‘plus’ subject (Spanish, History, Psychology or Business  Studies)

Normally I spend in total, an hour and a half on revision a night. I do try and revise until 7 o’clock but my dinner is always before or I’m too lazy so it mostly ends at 6.

Make sure to have at least 15 minutes of relaxation between revision sections.For me, it is sending videos of me fake laughing to Foster.

On Fridays, I do all of my homework so on Saturday I can have a chilled day and on Sunday, I only have to do a little revision. It really does help.

A lot of my revision is learnt by watching youtube videos as text book work is boring and I find that youtube videos are easier to understand.

Here are some of the channels I watch and what for:

Maths and Chemistry : Primrose Kitten 

All sciences (also, he has started putting up new 9-1: freesciencelessons 

Chemistry equations (he is an American Teacher so you have to search around his channel to find what you need if you’re British, however he is such a good teacher and I understand something, that I used to find really confusing, immediately with him): Tyler Dewitt

All things English: Mr Bruff

Do you guys know any other revision channels? Please tell me in the comments because I really need to revise History, haha

Anyways, I actually should start packing for Paris! But thank you very much for reading and I will try and post before I leave for Paris.

Maybe this is my last post of being 15 (ekkkkkk),

Astrid xxx



40 thoughts on “my real revision plan

  1. Great post. I absolutely hate when people say they don’t revise or that they dedicate their lives to it. And I love Eve Bennett too. Really helpful

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  2. Aah finally a realistic revision plan! I do all my homework on Friday too but my friends find it really weird… I think it’s actually a great idea. Loved this post 🙂 x

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  3. It’s a really cool thing that you revise watching youtube videos!! I do it a lot when studying science actually, since about 3 years ago!!! Time flies! 😛
    Good luck with your exams!
    Btw when’s your birthday? You’re 15? LOL I thought you were 16 or something, you’re so mature!!! 🙂

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  4. Thank you so much this really helped. I’m in a little bit of a hell hole at the moment with so much homework and revision combined, that I can’t keep up. Thank you so much for this method! (LOL im 16 aswell!)

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  5. Freesciencelessons is honestly my gcse saviour. An English channel ID reckoned is bradon english- I only used it for Macbeth so if you’re studying that defo go for it, if not there are other videos too I just haven’t seen them xx

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  6. I try (the main word being ‘try’) to do all of my homework the night I get it, but that doesn’t always work out.
    Last year my science teacher showed the class a channel called ‘Crash course: Biology’ He talks in a super fast American accent, but it’s great… well as great as science can be 😂😂

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  7. Lucky, going to Paris? You truly are lucky and I’m going to take up your idea of revising ‘cos it’s seems more laid back if you get where I’m coming from. Sorry but I don’t know any revision channels for history.

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  8. Yeah I was never good at studying 😐 but it’s always good to spread it out so your brain doesn’t get fried because if your brain is fried and you continue studying nothing will come out of it 😳

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  9. Hi! My name is Treasure, I am a Nigerian blogger.
    I stumbled on your blog, just now, while researching for my blog. I literally feel in love with your blog immediately I clicked on it.
    Keep it up, love 😍

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  10. Heyyy, i’m french and i’ve just read your post. It would be interesting for me to know what is your school schedule, i mean when do you leave and come back home? It seems really different than in France.
    Apart from that, i enjoy a lot reading your blog but i don’t even remember how i discovered it

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  11. Hey just found your blog. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts when I’m not meant to be working at school lol. I find that if I have so much work to do and its overwhelming I’ll drop everything (not literally) and meditate. Then I’ll say to myself that I’ll only do 5 minutes and then I’ll say it again and again until I’ve done an hour. This might not be a problem for you but I thought that this might help someone looking in the comments.

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