a lovely chocolate in a box full of liquorice

Today was a really good day. Distracting your self from your troubles is really good thing to do. Basically, I’m setting up an Amnesty Youth Group at school (which you can look how to set up one here) to promote human rights at school but also distract myself from all the crap I’m going through.

It worked out really well, I’ve only got three members at the moment however, it’s a committed group and we all have a great solid plan at what to do next.

Revision is going to plan mostly and I’ve been doing small bits but I find that makes me able to sink all of the information and also, it doesn’t stress me out! Maybe I should do a blog post on how to revise because I’m actually doing pretty darn well.

Last night, I wrote a snippet of a poem but I didn’t want to add any more. It seemed like the perfect thing to do to keep it short and simple.

Here you go:

I wanna be between

those lines on the page

which don’t lose the shine within age 


where life can be perfect, 

with a few troubles here and there

However, it can be checked 

and corrected. Get rid of the affair. 


Ha ha, I don’t know if to add anything else. I do a few short poems like this which are uncompleted but still tell a story. I never share them because I dunno if you guys would be unsatisfied by the only two verses or so.

Anyways, I hope you have had a lovely day

Astrid xxx



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