keep them, please.

Dear readers, let me give you a piece of advice.

Your friends can be the most important people in your life and never let them go. It’s a mistake I have made so many countless times in my life and this summer all of it has come back and smacked it in my face.

Some friends just somehow went farther apart slowly but still are friends, just not as close. Some friends broke off with a bang and haven’t reappeared again. Some friends got new friends or replaced you with someone they love; sometimes quick, sometimes slow but a sure process.

Maybe I did the last one to one or two people but I never wanted to not see them, I was just busy but I always had time for those certain friends but even they have moved on with different friends and their boyfriends.

I see adults saying about how you lose friends and it can be worse than a breakup (I never believed that), I understand that because with boy/girlfriends, you know when you aren’t a thing anymore but with friends, you only have to wait or see to find out the truth that most don’t want to have. Friends can be so much more important than your significant other, they are your other half.

I’m lonely. I really am and I’m scared about going to school because it’s going to fell 100x worse because you’ll see them with new friends and fuck, it hurts so bad. I have friends but this consists of a boyfriend and boy friends but I don’t have that girl best friend anymore… she might think we are but it’s so plain obvious to everyone else that we are no more. We aren’t. Best friends are the ones who you can tell everything to, who you never get bored of seeing, who you just look at you and you know what they are thinking and that comfortable silence. We don’t have that anymore.

Getting immensely jealous of people with those friends is growing and growing by the day, they just don’t know how lucky they/you are. You’re so lucky and I hope you know that.

Keep your best friend no matter what. Yes delete the ones who make you feel shit but keep the ones who you bloody love.

Astrid x

aka Hideaway Girl xxx



28 thoughts on “keep them, please.

  1. Great post and so true! Friends should be forever and ever with us but some of them are false and they lose us… It’s nasty! Sometimes we shouldn’t be so naive.


  2. This sends such an important message about friendship that should be followed by everybody…I really hope that everything works out for you in the end💙

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  3. I can relate to this so much. If you’ve read my older posts I went through a really hard time when my best friend decided she wanted to leave out group. For months it was all I thought about and I created drama that wasnt there and got mad and pushed her away; because she said that even though she’s leaving we can still be friends. But I knew that wasnt true, it wouldnt be the same. Now? I’ve made some new friends of my own. We were a group of four, then three and so we collectively gravitated to another group that had a similar social level to us, but I never felt like I fit. And I realised that I didnt really like the people I was around because they didnt have the most positive vibes. I decided to make some new friends, on my own. And I like them, but I feel like I’m in this inbetween state where I’m not really in either group, but I talk to both. Advice?

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      1. It sucks being stuck in between two groups because I don’t really know which one I’m in more.


    1. I was actually in this kind of situation a few months ago! I even ended up making a name for what I was😂 A “floater” because I “ floated” around from friend group to friend group but after feeling left out and alone, I ended up staying with the group I felt the most comfortable with and they let me in💗

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      1. That sounds so good that you found a group in the end!! I don’t really know if I’d call myself a “floater” simply because I’m only in two groups. But I have noticed that I also talk (and are great friends with) a lot of people from a lot of different groups.

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  4. this is so true honestly i can relate some of my friends just stick to their boyfriends and when they break up its hell when dont have anyone to turn to we shouldnt take them for grated -lyss

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  5. Well, this so-called-so-called-bestfriend I had made me feel crap. She always grunted when I tell her I’m not feeling good and we need to talk. She admitted that she was closest THOSE DAYS to another girl. As if people are makeup products that you can sort them as monthly favourites. Finally, one day, we were supposed to be going out, but my cousin called and she asked if I could go out too. I asked my mum for advice and she told me to go with whoever I really wanna be with, and it was my cousin. She was always there for me when I broke up with my boyfriend and I was suffering from Bipolar Disorder but the so-called-beatfriend only used to say that I’m being vain and silly. She never believed how broken I was really, especially that he promised me we will be together for ever…
    Anyways, I decided to go with my cousin. When i told my bestfriend I couldn’t go out with her, she started yelling and being so rude towards my cousin and on the other side, I tried being as polite yet cold as possible. Even my mom noticed this and she said I reacted in the best way ever. She went fussing about to her mother, making me look like the bad girl one who chose my cousin over her for no damn reason.
    I guess this type of ‘friends’ should be let go..

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  6. IK, someone I know has a friend who doesn’t really care. They used to be best of friends but they slowly grew apart. I think that’s fine but if the situation is wanting to come together but you don’t except it it’s your loss. But if you both feel awkwardly similar then don’t change for them. Because they like you the way you are. And if you break up with friends or boyfriends you can try again but you survived before, being you, on your own.
    Thanks for this post,

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  7. I can relate so much with this situation. I was friends with these girl and they meant the world to me, then these boys came along, I mean I don’t blame them, though sometimes I wonder what would’ve happened if thy never came along. Like you, I didn’t believe that breakup with friends are harder then ones in an actual relationship. Now I feel like they took a part of me that can’t be replaced, like I’m lost in this pool of confusion trying to searching for the key. To be honest your the first person I told this too, and feels really good just letting it out, so thank you for having this blog where girls like me can share all their thoughts. Our own space. Thank you, and I hope everything at school goes well. Also read you latest blog, so Happy Birthday when the time comes!!!

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