A cycle of surprise, happiness and sadness

Hi,everyone! How exciting is it that I’m going to be having 6 weeks off from school in less than 16 days?! I’M JUMPING UP IN THE AIR FOR IT! I’ve finally finished all of my exams today; my english speaking exam and business. Did you guys have to do an english speaking test for GCSE? We had to do a presentation on a topic which interests us so I did a presentation on Grenfell Tower:how there is a line between the privileged and the unprivileged. I was shitting bricks in 1st period when I realised that we had to present today but my very supportive classmates made me go and do it first. I shuttered a few times and said ‘flammable’ wrong. Although, I didn’t get any sniggers about my mispronunciation which was very surprising. My tip for these speaking exams is to just try to go first before everyone else because 1. people will respect you more as you’ve had the courage to do it and 2. you won’t have to worry about it and can forget about it afterwards and 3. the moment you start speaking, you become a lot less anxious.

As you probably saw in a blog post or two, I was convinced that I did crap on my maths tests. However, I got top of the class for both maths papers which I think my classmates and my teacher found surprising. AND I GOT 100% ON MY PSYCHOLOGY!! So all those hours I could have been doing blogging, I was working my arse off over Freud and it was actually worth it because I was literally crying inside (of extreme happiness) over my results.

Apart from all this good news, I got fired from my job….*clap, clap, clap*. And why? Because my parents made me take time off to go to the canal boat (which I’ve complained about in many posts). So it made me lose my job but to be honest, she wasn’t a very nice boss and she triggered most of my panic attacks this year so far so I think it was best I leftΒ  got fired.

So after one day of crying and storming around the house about the loss, I decided to look at volunteering experiences for my age. I found an opportunity to work with disabled kids and give them horse riding lessons. However, I don’t know how to horse ride well so I would be doing the teas and coffees or fundraising for it. I haven’t applied for the local group yet as I have to phone them and I keep forgetting to.

On Friday, our school is having a day where we work with the community where I’m going to a care home to do gardening with the elders which I’m really excited about, I might try and see if they will have further volunteering experiences during the summer?

My dad has given me a job within his office where he works as a film director/editor thingy and I had a 4 hour shift last weekend which earned me Β£20 which was better than the other cafe.

AND I GOT AN INTERVIEW ON MONDAY FOR A PLAY CAFE. Yes!! I applied for another job for a children’s play cafe where I will be reading to kids, making cakes with them and so on. I don’t know if I’m going to get it or not but I’ll make sure to tell you πŸ™‚

Anyways, so what are your plans for the summer? Are you going to be working? Travelling? Or just be watching netflix like me?

I’ll see you soon,


aka. Hideaway Girl xxx

18 thoughts on “A cycle of surprise, happiness and sadness

  1. Well, congratulations on the great scores!! Also, where do you live that your school is still in? I’ve never heard of a school that actually goes until July.
    Play Cafe sounds so much fun, hopefully you’ll get in and like it there very much!
    Happy blogging.

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  2. I’m trying to get a job and I’ve applied to a few places, but I’m really nervous about working in a cafe because it always seems so stressful and I don’t know how to make coffee and I don’t even drink coffee and I’m just really damn nervous. Do you have any tips for (starting) working in a cafe?

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    1. Don’t worry about not knowing how to make coffee, you should get fully trained for it πŸ™‚
      Cafes are very stressful and you need to be a type of person to be able to handle stress to a degree, however, everyone gets very stressed. However, I sometimes really enjoyed talking to customers and if it never works out for you to work in a cafe, there will be other places for you such as shops and loads of other small food places where there won’t be as much stress πŸ™‚

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      1. Thank you for all the advice!! I hope I can handle the stress of it because that is the reason I didn’t want to work at McDonald’s or any other fast food restaurant. But even if it doesn’t work out, at least I’ll have experience and be able to get a job somewhere else easier!

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  3. Congratsss on your results!🍾🍾🍾 I had to do a speaking exam thingy too! but it was just me and my teacherr. Enjoyed reading this post a lot πŸ˜… good look with the play cafe and volunteering πŸ˜‰

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  4. I don`t have any plans for this summer. My mom suggested to fly somewhere we could swim in the ocean but this summer I wanna focus on myself and my friendships `cuase there`s some trouble going around. weird stuff.
    I hope u have more fun than me (honesty, I kinda like the way it is)

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    1. I think it’s so important to focus on friendships during the summer because it’s that time apart from school or places where you would see them, that you realise who your true friends are


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