happier tunes//poem

prettier wings,

sharper chirps,

skinner stalks,

is what a bird should possess


the other birds fly away,

because you don’t listen to their

violation of that pigeon or sparrow

but you sing happier tunes,

you make up your own clue.


though you still cry,

though you still crave,

not a good-bye

because you still love

those memories of

flying above

with those,








4 thoughts on “happier tunes//poem

  1. I just wanted to say that I think this is an amazing poem, i’m not too sure if what I got from the poem was the same as other people but the way birds were used as an extended metaphor for women and girls and how society views them and the way they think about themselves was 100% true and accurate. Thank you for sharing such beautiful poetry 🙂

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