Was it tipsy or being just damn happy?

Hi everyone! I wasn’t sure if to post this blog post yesterday but I asked my blogging friends and they said it’s my blog so it’s my decision. And this blog post, will include a disclaimer which I don’t think I’ve ever done *shock*

Disclaimer: this blog post isn’t encouraging alcohol or anything like that. This is just what happened at my friends house the other day.

As I’m getting older, this blog is going to become more mature and have topics which most young children wouldn’t experience but as most of my readers at the moment are my age or older, I thought it would be okay to write about this kind of stuff now.

So if you saw my last blog post, you could see that I was really nervous about going camping with my friends. I would recommend reading that blog post before reading the rest as then you’ll have the full story.

Anyways, I did go in the hot tub. *Congrats Astrid, you actually decided to strip and not give a shit what the others thought* But I had a shirt on because I was wearing a very boobie out swim suit (as I got it about 2 years ago but never bothered to buy a new one as I never go swimming).  The hot tub was okay but I kept getting kicked in the vagina by thousands of feet as it was pretty small and only 4 people were meant to be in there so I didn’t stay in there for that long.

We ordered chinese and one of my friends brought alcohol which was only enough for about 3 people. I paid for one and my other friend drank a ‘shit mix’ (I think you can get what that means). Anyways, that was like 80% pure alcohol but mine was like 5% and I drank 2 bottles. So it  wasn’t that bad but I’m a light weight and it was my second time that I probably drank alcohol without an adult keeping an eye on me. However, Reece and my friend, Lily decided to be my parents and tried to get me to go to sleep at 9 30ish but I was having none of it so David and Reece had to keep rugby tackling me to get me to bed. I don’t really remember all of this though like the party I went to in October.

My mother decided to call me which I was apparently very happy about. And my friends were screaming about how much they loved her across the tent so she guessed that there was drinks so when I came home, the following morning, she checked my awful stinky breath straight away. She was surprising okayish about it with a slight look of disappointment but I think it more amusing than anything.

Reece said that I was not at all body conscious after drinks and thinking back at it now, makes me want to die in a hole and cringe. However, I had an amazing night… kinda.

The weather was crap, it was thundering and raining so we couldn’t go to the hot tub until 3 but I was too tired to go then so I stayed inside. It was super hot, like as hot as Malaga so I was trying to get myself to cool down the whole night.

Then after the others came back, the hot tub started beeping and nobody knew how to stop it . So it went on like that the whole night.

I went to sleep at 4 then woke up at 6 to cockerels and birds chirping and other animals making noises as Vipers house is literally next to a house which sounds there is  like a farm in their back garden.

Anyways, what was the moral of this story? Nothing really but I’m so proud of myself for coming out of the self conscious wall even though it involved alcohol to get out.

I’m going to Bath tomorrow which I’m so excited about, what are your plans?


aka Hideaway Girl xxx




10 thoughts on “Was it tipsy or being just damn happy?

  1. Before you hesitate to talk about shit like this again which I know you will. It’s unrealistic to say you’re too young no drinking but most teenagers these days do underage drinking anyway so as long as you’re staying safe about it and not drinking a stupid amount then go ahead and have fun. It’s part of growing up

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  2. heyy… I really liked your post. I know its weird at first when you’re in a bath tub and then ‘alcohol’ but it gets fine at the end… I’ve been through it. Just enjoy life and don’t care about whatever someone says about your body… 🙂

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  3. I think it’s a really good idea that you’re gonna talk about more mature topics as a lot of people will probably need it, and don’t worry about some people being too young to read it because in the end it’s YOUR blog and you can choose what you want to do with it

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  4. Sounds like you had a good time, there’s nothing like a bit of liquid confidence. Honestly some of my best memories when I first started drinking (even if some of it was underage) come from nights like that with my friends drinking alcohol. I think it’s a good idea that you talk about more stuff like this because I bet most of your readers will be able to relate, I know I do haha! Xxxx

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  5. Sounds like a big struggle (which I totally understand), but you can be totally proud of that achievement! You struggled, did it and had a great time with your friends!
    I love your style of writing <3!
    Proud of you too,
    Lara from KIDS around the BLOG, a teenager's individuality blog.

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