not shocked.

Yesterday, I was both shocked by the events of Manchester. No sorry, not shock but disappointment, sadness and well, to be honest, I wasn’t surprised there was another terrorist attack. However, I was shocked that it was in that place and with a generation of young people and loved ones who were all part of this community.

Maybe people will use this attack to campaign prejudice and discrimination towards many people: muslims, immigrants and refugees. However, I’ve heard this man was born in Britain but it doesn’t matter where he was born. It doesn’t matter who he was, who we remember is the victims of yesterday, the past, today and the future. This happens everyday and we aren’t all notified of it because it’s in another place in the world or victims of different ethnics, beliefs and religions. However, influential people are notified and they don’t really do anything about it.

Did you know that more than 200 people, mostly women and children, were killed by an airstrike in Mosul by the US just last month? Don’t forget, there’s probably been many more since then and before. Innocent killings are happening all around the world.

However, we are a new generation. We could change this if we tried. Of course, terrorism of different kinds will always exist but we can make this world a little better.






6 thoughts on “not shocked.

  1. The tragedies of the world break my heart, above all the ones which aren’t reported. People are victims of this every day but it’s the terrorists, the networks behind this, that are to blame. Not a religion, ethnic group or society: cruel people who would target innocent victims in order to continue an agenda of fear HAVE no religion that should be labelled as similar or the same as Islam or any other religion. The best thing is to stand strong but that is incredibly difficult when people’s lives are being torn apart daily. Thank you for this post – you’ve managed to summarise my horrified thoughts.


  2. I agree .. Peoples lives are loosing their worth , and we need to stand strong United despite our different cultures and religion


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