Getting political on this blog

Hi,everyone! I’m multi tasking at the moment, phoning Viper, listening to a English revision podcast and messaging Reece (Carlos). Viper is reading my blog right now and when he reads it out loud, it sounds so bad, is my blog childish? Oh dear lord.

During the summer, I’m making a debate group with Viper as we decided to change the setting of our arguments from the classroom where we would shout across the classroom to a more civilized manner.

But also, I was wondering if to make another page on my blog to write about my views on situations in the news or in history? I really enjoy reading blogs where they talk about current events, such as sherinaspeaks. I can’t really start my another page at the moment as I have end of year exams but I will be able to do in July. What do you think?

Astrid, aka Hideaway Girl xxx


16 thoughts on “Getting political on this blog

  1. I’d love hearing your political views! I’m really into what others think about it and see whether or not my opinion corresponds x

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  2. i’d love to read your political opinions as well! I think ours are probably similar, from some of the things you’ve posted, but I’d still be happy to read posts about it. xx

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  3. Yes I think that this is a wonderful idea! It’s great to hear people’s views and you shouldn’t be afraid of sharing them. I’d take a leaf out of your book but I need to develop my political beliefs further before I do that.


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