Malaga traveller

Hi,everyone! I’m back, whoop whoop šŸ™‚ It’s been so long, 2 weeks? As you probably know, from this title and also Reece’s guest blog post, that I have been away to Malaga for a 5 days with school. It was so good! I was really nervous about going and having to speak Spanish but I really developed my spanish  speaking and also, my confidence because I don’t think I would have dared to go up to a angry looking Spanish meat seller to ask how much a weird looking leg would cost, so I’m pretty happy with myself.

Here’s my vlog which is longer than usual but it’s got three days in it so really, it isn’t too bad. Although, I didn’t film the last day (Friday) as I felt very down and panicky and also we were going home.

We went to a Spanish high school on the Friday where we got to speak to the students there who were all so lovely. Although, our conservations were a bit confusing, we still found a way to communicate and make each other laugh. After that, we got their instagrams and so we are still keeping in contact in that way.

I miss them, they were all so lovely šŸ˜¦

Anyways, I’m going to Centre Parks today with my family and so I won’t be able to post/read anything but I will make sure to write you a few posts when I get back.

I have been so busssssyy,

Hideaway Girl xxx


25 thoughts on “Malaga traveller

  1. I saw your vlog and it looked so fun! I wish I could just go to other countries on short trips… damn you, Australia!

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      1. True! And there’s a lot of tropical islands too like Bali, Figi, and New Caledonia. I never thought about them! (I guess they’re still kinda harder to get too though because you’d have to fly)

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  2. Omg it looks like you had so much fun!! You came her to Spain, LOL recently I went to London for 5 days!!! We had a lot of fun as well, although we didn’t meet other students šŸ˜›

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