Updates and gossip from the one and unheard ‘Carlos’

Good evening the world of blogging! (Maybe a bit to formal for me but It will work) My given name by Astrid (aka hideawaygirl) is Carlos, my real name is Reece as some know. A few brief things about me!

Like any typical teenage boy I like to play sports.                                                 For those who have seen her YouTube channel and twitter those videos and photos of me are a bad repsentation of what I look like !       I like art and do a lot of drawing and photography. Also play the guitar a little not the best at it though. And I’m currently missing Astrid.

Astrid has gone to Malaga until Saturday. She made it there safely as I saw from mugs on snapchat😂 I hope she has some what of a good time there and maybe finds a passion for Spanish and maybe like it a little more 😂 more than likely not 😂 here’s a list of things that I hope happens when she comes back

1. She isn’t so pale, no joke light reflects off her. (It’s a joke I’m not a mean guy before you report me to something I have no clue what)

2. She buys me a present. Look hear me out I know it sounds selfish but you know it’s nice to have a gift after someone who you speak to every day decides to just to go well im of to Spain 2 weeks before it happens.

3. She bonds with her friends more. I had to put something nice in the list •-•

4. She doesn’t have a Spanish boyfriend. Yeah I’ve seen it happen those Spanish boys tempt girls with their dark brown skin and dark wavy hair ‘Hey bebé ¿te gustaría venir a mi casa’ – only thing I need to know in Spanish ( I take German as a language)

5. She doesn’t struggle on the mocks that I’ve struggled on.

So that was my list of things I hope for when she gets back.
If anyone else is taking mock tests for the new gcse syllabus 1-9 science thing or a matter of fact any tests I wish you luck also I would advise from a personal viewing read some of Astrids stuff on stress and tips on revising its helped me.
A quick thing or 2 before I sign out. This month on the 28th we would of been going out for a year which for teenagers is mental and I’m happy she hasn’t dumped me because despite my injuries and other things it’s been the best year of my life so far. And this is in response to her ew relationships ( would recommend the read) teenage relationships can work. This week I will try to post small things about miss hideawaygirl if not thank you for reading this and getting this far writing a post is weird for me. Also one more fact about me I have a weird sense of humour . So let’s finish on a joke

Where do animals go when their tails fall off?

The retail store.

Oh you didn’t find that funny. I’m sorry I’ll work on my joke telling for next time !

This is Carlos/Reece and I’ll see ya later ! 😉

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