tips to relax and drug addiction|Guest post.

Hi,everyone! How has been your easter? Mine has been fantastic, although I have many mock exams coming up and also a Malaga trip next week so if I don’t post often, don’t think somethings bad happened to me. I’m just crying in heaps of revision or in the sun in Spain.

Like me, there is so many of you who are also stressing about exams. Sadly, in many teenagers and adults, they find drugs as a way out of stress even though, it will make things much worse.

However, luckily, Dorothy emailed helpful tips on keeping calm. Although it’s never really affected me, this is such an amazing cause. Anyways, there’s what article Dorothy gave me.

To Relax, Stop Doing These 3 Things

You lie in bed and thoughts race through your head. Did you do enough today? Will you be able to get everything done tomorrow? Are you making enough money? Are your connections on Facebook leaving you in the dust? Will your children grow up to be good people? Who will take care of your pets if you die? And these thoughts are limited to bedtime anxiety. They can strike you as you try to unwind with some television or a glass of wine.

There are times when your brain simply will not turn off. And, that can send you into a frenzy of activity because you feel panicked. You feel like you are falling behind. In these situations, you know you should be relaxing, but it feels impossible. How do you fix this problem?

Just because relaxation is something you are having trouble achieving doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of it. You aren’t too uptight to enjoy your life and your quiet time. It could be the result of your lifestyle and the habits you have picked up. If you are struggling with relaxation, it’s time to jettison your unhelpful practices.

Stop Drifting into the Past and the Future

Some people say thinking about the past is a form of depression and thinking about the future is a form of anxiety. Getting trapped in either of those states won’t allow you to let go of tension. Instead, work to be part of the present. This is often achieved through mindful meditation, and you don’t have to be an expert for it to work.

Try anchoring yourself. Pay attention to the bottom half of your body. Breathe deeply. Close your eyes if you need to. And, think about your feet. How do they feel? Can you feel your socks? Your shoes? Focus on the surface beneath them. Then, move on to your calves and upper legs. Are they cold or hot? Are your muscles tight? Can you feel your muscles? Taking the time to ground yourself in your present sensations can alleviate worries about the past and future.

Stop Playing with Your Phone

If you have notifications switched on, your phone may be buzzing or pinging constantly throughout the day. Even without any incoming calls, you may be hearing about Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook activity. It can be hard to avoid looking at your phone every five minutes so you don’t feel left out.

If you really want to relax, you have to turn off the phone. It’s preventing you from relaxing. Give yourself permission to turn your back on emails, calls, and social media. You will feel uncertain at first and you won’t know what to do because you think of your smartphone as a constant in your life. But, you will grow to appreciate the silence when you are trying to relax.

Stop Fighting the Silence

The phone isn’t the only thing that fills the soundtrack of your life. You are also used to the radio, music, sounds drifting in from people outside or down the hall, television, traffic, and more. Do you even know what total silence sounds like? If you can tune out these sounds and appreciate silence, you will benefit. Studies link noise pollution with high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Of course, a whole day without sound would probably drive you crazy before it relaxed you, so start small and build up if you need to. Start with five minutes. Try wearing noise canceling headphones or earplugs. Or, find a place free from noise. You could spend time in an isolation tank or take a bath and put your ears under the water.

When you take out some of the factors in your life preventing relaxation, you will feel it come more naturally to you and you will reap the benefits.


Jasmine Martin is a writer, avid backpacker, and a follower of Zen Buddhism. She writes a lot health, behavioral problems, various treatment program and recovery centers. Learn more at:

There’s some useful links with further information and helplines:



UK drug addiction helpline 

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Hideaway Girl xxx

7 thoughts on “tips to relax and drug addiction|Guest post.

  1. Thats such a good post! I could really use some of those tips, especially with half yearlys and NAPLAN coming up! Thank you so much for this post!

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  2. AHH EXAMS 😱 I feel your pain. Those tips on staying calm and avoiding drugs are great, though, so kudos to Dorothy. It was also very thoughtful of you to leave those extra links at the bottom; I’m sure that they would be useful to those who would like advice or help. Anyways, I hope that you have loads of fun in Malaga! It seems absolutely stunning:)

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  3. I’m exactly same at night, lol. I’ve just started reading your blog and I relate so much to everything you’re saying! Also, good luck with your exams and have a great holiday! 🙂

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