New job with a new horrible boss

Hi,everyone!  How has your weekend been? It’s the Easter holidays for me at the moment so that means two weeks off school, ay ay. Yesterday, I went job hunting because I needed a stable job and so off I went around my town. I was about to go into this chip shop but I heard of ghost stories there and I know they aren’t true but I would always be paranoid if I worked night hours. So next door, there is this vintage tea shop and I was like ‘Bingo! Literally me but in a tea shop form’ so I went in there and came out with a new job. They asked me to work today and so today, I got up and showered and went there.

It was chaos. I’ve had a waitressing job before but it was in a quiet area so there wasn’t too much work. However, this cafe is in a popular area for tourists and grannies so I was literally on my feet all the time. There was also another new girl but she has had no experience in cafes before so she seemed extra nervous. It didn’t help that the boss was a tad rude at the start and made the other new girl wash up and basically called her stupid. Anyway, she put me taking the orders and there was so many… like I think I took at least 20..

However, the boss is very picky and speaks her mind which isn’t the best thing when you’re in a crowded stressful place for the first time. I had one panic attack and it was awful. However, I kinda just ignored it and carried on. I just didn’t want the boss to see me like that as she would get even more annoyed and I can tell she isn’t a empathic type.

I can see the new girl and me becoming good friends as we just rolled our eyes when we were shouted at or giggled when we heard the old ladies bitching.

When I finished, I felt so proud of myself because 1. I didn’t drop anything 2. I didn’t swear loudly when I got an order wrong 3. I controlled my panic attack 4. I didn’t throw a saucer at the new boss.

It’s these times when I just seen how much I’ve grown up in just two years and how I’ve learnt to deal with my panic attacks better.

It’s good 🙂

Hideaway Girl xxx

15 thoughts on “New job with a new horrible boss

  1. I need a job so bad. But I’m waiting until I’m 14 and 9 months so I can apply almost anywhere… I can get a job starting the 18th of this month! My “friend” wanted me to work at McDonalds and kept pushing me to apply, but I couldnt think of a worse job. For my first job I want to go for something with minimal stress because I dont work well under pressure, but I don’t know. Just not Maccas.

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  2. I hope everything gets better! Maybe with time , your boss and your colleague get use to being around eachother so it doesn’t always feel like chaos xx

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