Being a muggable face.

Hi,everyone! First things first, thank you for all of your emails recently about the group chat, I’m slowly adding people to the group. However, we don’t want too many people because it will get too hectic but we already have a group name which Sav excellently  named for us.

Have you seen the new update of Facebook? Where they’ve copied snapchat and now have stories? I mean…. come on Facebook, be original. I don’t need another place where my face is mugged and exploited by my friends on the internet.

In Spanish, today, my friend Keys just kept aiming her camera at me and taking photos of me but not even in a particular bad angle. It’s just that I look so bad whenever a camera hits me. My face just decides to give up with me and stay in these weird positions.

I think my face doesn’t know what to do or my brain can’t register for ages that a camera is pointing at me before it is taken.

This is the flattering photo that Keys took of me by the way if you were interested in how bad it was:


I mean it’s gotten to the point where I don’t even look like myself in these photos and some people call me the face of mugs. LIKE I’M THAT BAD.

My friends have increased their thirst for my mugable face to humor themselves so all day, there is a fear of snapchat in the back of my mind and I’m hiding myself behind barriers (e.g. Reece or my coat) but I always get caught. I’m not going to show you the rest and the worst because I want to carry on with my dignity on my blog.

But do you guys understand it? Like my face literally just looks bad captured in a moment? I mean I’m not that bad looking.

Hideaway Girl xxx


18 thoughts on “Being a muggable face.

  1. Ohmygod! Yes! I’ll go to school thinking I don’t look that bad at all and then my friends take pictures of me and I just look tired and my face is red and my makeup looks like its coming off. Then I look in the mirror at school and its fine again?

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  2. This is just so relatable haha but most of the time, I’m that one annoying friend who will point the camera at you and take photos haha

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  3. Ugh I can relate! 3/4 of the time when I have a rare day believing I may look sorta alright, I take a selfie and totally regret it, ugh. Its like cameras were made to make you look bad or something lol 😛 XD

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  4. Hi, I’m a new blogger and I just want to say that I love your writing! Your poem about equality was really well-written. xx PAFT

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  5. I am not photogenic at all! Most of the time I catch when my friends are about to take a picture of me and can stop it, but sometimes I can’t…

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  6. Yeah like when you think you look fine but then someone takes a pic and you look so bad and then later you think you look fine again. It’s like a mirror And a camera have different opinions! 😂😂

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