My initial reaction|a short little poem

My initial reaction to love,

once upon a time,

was me being tired of the word.

My mouth would become this sour lime.

and I would slur so I could be heard.


A boy telling he liked me,

would always end with me laughing,

with the pure confession why he surprised me,

and why on earth, he didn’t despised me.


‘Yeah good one’

was always what I said,

but the boy didn’t find it good fun,

but looked at me like I had a handgun.


I look back,

and roll my eyes.

and want to hijack the past

where I didn’t like my size,

where I didn’t like my freckles

where I would refuse to wear my specs.


Oh how I wish I loved myself a little more.








21 thoughts on “My initial reaction|a short little poem

  1. Oh yeah- I forgot one more thing, I would love it if you followed me on my blog… or just looked at it. (Yeah I know- this is quite pathetic, heheh) I got my inspiration from you to start blogging and it actually ended up with me being in a magazine! So thanks so much for that!!!! I added you to my favorite blogs lists on my page and I would love it if you could read one of my stories! (I’m 14 btw) if ya wanted to know (probs not) anyways, ummmm thanks and keep blogging I love your work! ❀

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