Sleepovers, waffles and too much coffee

Hi,everyone! It was the last day of school today so I’m very bubbly (I’m literally listening to ThrowbackThrusday on spotify of love songs) because I’m feeling so chilled and easy. It’s really different from always being busy and revising.

During these last couple of weekends, I’ve started to actually get moving outside and to do things rather than lock up in my room, revise, stress and not eating that much. It has been really releasing;it has made me focus better and has been beneficial for my mental health.

Last weekend, Elle and I, had a sleepover around hers which was probably one of the best. Before the sleepover, we went and had a coffee date where again, I had a massive latte (the mug had two handles).

We filmed the Q&A, ate pizza and then chilled. We haven’t had a day/night with ourselves in ages without other people and it was nice to spend bonding time with my best friend. Filming the Q&A was actually pretty fun and cool talk to you guys. We spoke about things which we never would really talk about without the questions from you guys. The questions were all pretty good, thank you!

After filming (I feel pretty professional saying it), we had the traditional pizza which we always gobble at Elle’s and we then decided to watch The Centipede. The moment we got to the titles, Elle had to go to the toilet but dragged me with her incase a ‘creepy man crept up the basement’. By the way, if you have had conversations with your friend while they’re peeing, it means your best friends.

I sneaked downstairs while Elle was fetching something and hid under her staircase. When I heard her coming down the stairs, I jumped out and she nearly peed herself.. I wouldn’t be surprised if she did. I have a snapchat video but due to wordpress, you can’t upload videos without an upgrade and I’m skint.. so I can’t but one day, I’ll film a video of me and elle reacting to old videos haha 🙂

After the trauma, Elle was too scared to watch The Centipede so instead, we watched the classic Grease while I edited and blogged. At the end, I danced to ‘You’re the one that I want’ while Elle just stared at me and wondered why she was friends with me but she realised after two seconds, that I’m amazing so of course, she wanted me in her life.

*singing to Stay by Rihanna while writing this*

My amazing dancing gave Elle an idea that we would dance which meant for me, singing to ‘The Sound’ at high volume while eating fish fingers. Also, we had these facemasks and these black head nose peeling things which actually really hurt when taking them off. There’s a video of Elle taking them off and she looks high.. it’s amazing.

We went to sleep quite early like 12ish but Elle woke me up at like 1 to tell me gossip and I wanted to punch her so badly because I was dreaming about babies according to Elle as she told me in the morning over caramel lattes. At like 6 in the morning, my weekend alarm went off which is a bird song and I told Elle to turn it off because I felt like effin snow white.

Later on, we had to rush and get the train to a town near us where we had nandos with a group of our friends. We then went to a place called ‘Creams’ which is an italian ice cream parlour where all the staff were quite stressy and that so it was pretty tense, not going to lie.

Anyway, I had a massive (and sickly) waffle  which you can see on my instagram 🙂

I will be blogging during this half term and I will try to post 2 videos as well but I’m not becoming a youtuber, haha!

See you guys later,

Hideaway Girl xxx


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