It doesn’t matter if you:

It doesn’t matter if you:

are white, black, asian, mixed raced,

you don’t feel right as the sex you were once placed,

you love someone who is a different gender or culture

you are from agriculture,

you are from a city,

or can be a bit witty


It doesn’t matter if you:

don’t shave,

don’t know the term sound wave,

don’t dress like others,

or you do dress like many others.


It doesn’t matter if you:

have a vagina or penis,

have a world between us,

have a good paid job,

or you’re a bit of a heartthrob.


It matters if you,


laugh or cringe at someone’s weight,

talk behind someone’s back,

or smack.


We are all human beings.

People shouldn’t be fleeing,

People shouldn’t be called racist terms

even if the person has big firms.


This is the world.

Every human being,

not matter what,

should have rights

and a safe Β home.



As you can tell,

I don’t care if the president of America has a billionare firm.

I want someone with that much power to be able to respect every human being.


Hideaway Girl xxx







23 thoughts on “It doesn’t matter if you:

  1. Honestly its this sort of feeling that is the beauty of humanity. The women’s marches, the protests. We are now launching into a time of complete tension. And it is this sort of thing, that will be the beauty that can help win the battle. Really lovely xx

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