tad bit dumb.

Hi,everyone! Sometimes, before I write a blog post, I do a small mindmap to go over in my head what’s happened recently and well my day from the mindmap makes me look like a complete idiot. I’m going to introduce a new person to my blog and so I need a nickname.. lets call him Viper. Viper sounds a little evil but he always wears snake tshirts (he has several ones with the same design but different colour) and he can be sometimes evil himself. Anyway, Viper is in a lot of my classes and so we have become friends even though we argue 24/7 about feminism and racism. And yes… he’s a trump supporter so there’s a lot we disagree on.

However, he’s pretty funny and entertaining so I’m still friends with him even though I will admit I get pissed off with him so easily.

Anyway, today, I actually agreed with him on something. I’m actually pretty dumb..

Now, I do alright in exams but that’s because I revise my arse off for them but to be honest, I forget everything in like 70 hours or so. However, Viper gets one or two marks off from me normally but he hasn’t revise. He finds it hilarious that I revise for like 6 hours or so just to be average in the class. My brain gives up with me.

My first class today was sport which I hate but we’re doing trampolining so I find it pretty fun to just bounce around and sing lyrics really loud that a Year 9 GCSE sport Β class gets to play basketball with my lovely singing of Mr.Brightside in the background. Me being me, I have always nearly fallen off but I have been blessed by my legs to stumble on the trampoline before actually landing on my face.

However, today was kinda different.

While I was getting off the trampoline, after my performance of the usual Riptide and jumping with my hands pumping in the air, I decided that I was going to be a little spontaneous and get off the trampoline aa different way. So I jumped. Β A very stupid idea if you’re wearing socks and you have a tendency to be clumsy Β as it ends like this:


Credits to Elle who decided to capture the moment and decide to show the whole year of my failure on Snapchat. What a great friend.

Also don’t you just love how my friends don’t even try to help me get up but decide to just pose for a photo with the thumbs up..

You can’t see how happy their faces are either as I covered their faces because of anonymity.

Falling from the trampoline isn’t the only thing that makes me feel I’m a little dumb, weird and awkward human being. There’s a list:

  1. Not being able to dab which Elle has filmed in the middle of learning Macbeth
  2. Getting the answer 14586. 2032 while everyone else gets 48.2.
  3. Falling down the stairs in a busy school building and just casually walking away while the little Year 7s crackle
  4. Dumbest student in Physics even the teacher thinks.
  5. Not ever being able to do a bloody cartwheel.
  6. And many other things which I don’t wish to admit right away.

I’m proud to be a weird human being as I entertain the class (by them laughing at me which I’m fine with as I can take a joke).However, I’m not dumb at everything. I think it’s okay to be bad at stuff which for me is physical activity and science. So you shouldn’t feel really stupid and dumb at everything because there will be things which you’re good at and other people might actually find you’re being brave at admitting you’re crap at something (which can be very hard to do). Try to improve and do your best but if you’re always going to be bad at it, don’t worry as I’m sure you’ll be good at lots of other things and that you won’t need the formula for Kinetic Potential Energy for most other jobs apart from science and maths and stuff like that.

Before I go, I want to say thank you for all of the emails I received yesterday after I published my anxiety post. They are all very supportive and it really does make me feel better πŸ™‚ I will be replying to all of them now,

Hideaway Girl xxx

Email: hideawaygirlblog@gmail.com

Twitter: hideawaygirl10

Instagram: hideaway.girl


14 thoughts on “tad bit dumb.

  1. Lovely post as always. I cant do cartwheels either or even tumbles I don’t why and always wanted to!! I’m absolutely horrendous at maths. But I suppose it’s just one of those things in school we struggle with. Ithink everyone has something that they find difficult. I really admire you for sharing everything on your blog 😊 Hope you had a good day 😊


  2. Don’t worry, you’re not the only weird and awkward human. There’s one typing this right now who is so weird that she talks about herself in the third person!πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚ Oh well! We are the people that make life interesting right?

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  3. I am extremely strange also – you’re not alone! It’s got to the point where I’m KNOWN for making out of place and irrelevant comments. Also, I have a Viper-like friend who annoys me a LOT, but I do like him.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. In all honestly I think being weird and awkward (which btw is one of my specialties haha) is more exciting that being boring and plain. I like weird people because they bring entertainment and fun to the table. In fact all my friends and I are complete weirdos.
    I also suck at science, my brain just can’t think scientifically and logically.

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  5. I’m a bit dumb too πŸ™‚ I have to remind myself to actually focus instead of making sarcastic jokes all the freaking time in my Physics class, too. But Physics is kind of terrible. I also get what you’re saying about your new friend, Viper. I have one friend who often disagrees with my about feminism and politics, but we still have a good time. Actually, I wrote a poem about that kind of stuff on my blog and i’d love it if you checked it out…

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