A believer of Magic Meg?

Hi,everyone! I hope you had a lovely Christmas day πŸ™‚

I started Bloglovin which you can follow me on πŸ™‚

Getting back to the blog post:

For one of my presents, I got tarot cards which are basically fortune cards that tell your future (how surprising, eye roll)


I’m not believer of being able to tell your future Β with a glass ball and a few cards. However, I had a go with my dad. The first thing you have to do is ask a question to the fortune teller or what my dad called himself ‘Magic Meg’. I asked the most boring question ‘Will I go to Uni?’

Magic Meg (my dad) then made me pick 3 cards which will determine what I’m thinking, what actions will I have to take and what will be the outcome.


My first card was ‘the World’ that determined what really was on my mind. The card said that I’m thinking about travelling the world in the future or a new job which involves a new route in life. That is kinda true as I do want to travel and maybe take a gap year and I do need/want to get a job which may lead me out of the town, that I’m currently living, when I’m in sixth form.

The World card also stated that I thought I was gaining weight (which in some ways, I do) and that I need to start exercising which I do as I’ve gotten some yoga and fitness things for Christmas. To be honest, I’m not going to stick at it.

Next was the second card which was ‘six of Earth’ which stated what I needed to do now to achieve my goal. It said that I have a sum of money coming in soon but I must share out fairly. It said I needed to start communicating with children again which is slightly weird as I just quitted my gymnastics volunteering at a children’s club. It said that I should also look closer at a kind of work which involves speaking up for people’s rights which is one of the things I want to do when I’m older funnily enough and it would also look very good to apply for a uni with.

Last but the most important showed out the outcome so it told me if I was going to go to uni or not. This card was ‘water King’ which said that negotiations will go well for me and that I have a secret talent to making homes for people who need them. Β I’m not a builder, I can tell you that for sure;I can’t even carry a plank of wood without collapsing. Also, I don’t really want to be a builder.

Oh well.

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely relaxed boxing day. I would actually recommend to buy tarot cards, they are really funny and quite fun to be honest

I’m going to start doing my yoga,

See you soon,

Hideaway Girl xxx




25 thoughts on “A believer of Magic Meg?

  1. LOL, this reminds me of the time I got some “fortune cards” on a flight when I was really little – the difference is that you had to choose a fruit you liked out of a bunch of fruits on the card, they will ask you if the fruit shows up on the rest of the cards, and then they would guess what fruit you were thinking about. So dumb! XD
    This post was so fun! And hope you have an awesome Christmas day too!! XD

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  2. I had someone read my future with tarot cards once! I’m somewhat of a skeptic, but it was free so I thought, why not! It was a year ago, so I don’t entirely remember what I asked, or what the cards read, but I do remember thinking a lot of the things she was explaining to me didn’t seem far off! Even if the cards have no true insight into our lives, I believe that they can definitely make you more aware of yourself and help you see things a little differently!

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      1. Hello, one quick question how long did it take for your blog to get noticed, and I know I only started my blog today, but I feel like I should get at least 1 view not just from myself!

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  3. Hey can u please make a blog post on how to make a perfect blog, because ive signed up for so many websites and either there no use or nobody can find them, I really need help, and I’m kind of relying on you because you make the best blood posts!

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  4. Hey hideaway girl your the only good teen blogger I found on here, and so can you tell me your faves so I can check them out and also check out my website as well!

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  5. This was an awesome post! I love things like this. I believe a lot in star signs! I’m a Leo and I got a horoscope last year. I live by it! Do you like horoscopes? x

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  6. Hi. I am an anoynmous blogger – my pen name Sophie from Freckles and stars. I have been checking your blog out every so often and i love it! I admire how you have developed your style of writing and blogging. I have only just started blogging ( i have only posted one post!!!) and i was looking for some tips on how to set about presenting a blog and what the essentials are. If you could help i would greatly appreciate it. Merry Christmas.xxx

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      1. I have literally only started the other day but i have looked into it a bit. I just need to figure it out so that it comes up when you search stuff like teenage blogs

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