I’m 15, halfway to 30.

I’m 15, halfway to 30.

Not going to lie,

It’s a little scary.

The year I was born,

Towers exploded,

and millions of lives collapsed

With it; Nothing has changed.

In fact, a dictator is growing

while over people sit and watch

being entertained at other people’s misfortunes

on so called reality.


That isn’t reality Tv.


Races and sexes are being divided,

Stereotypes are power striding,

Religions are fighting about who’s God’s best,

and newborns have no fed from breasts.


Ice bergs are melting,

and people are yelling,

not resolving a thing.


Twitter is going is crazy over Kylie’s lips,

while a ten year old girl gets a daily tip,

by a man who beats and kicks.


Genocides aren’t forgotten,

and big people say ‘We’ve been taught’

But for some reason, no one volunteers to go over and help

mothers who see their children raped.


Instead they watch the BBC and sigh

‘oh, how sad. I hope the PM does help.’

then they continue to eat their sunday roast

in safe and warmth

with no bombs flying over their heads.

They complain about how their boss hasn’t given a Christmas pay rise

while children starve and die.


Someone has lost someone.

Someone has lost their home.

Someone has lost their rights.

Someone has lost their life.


I’m 15, half way to 30.

I was born in 2001 and

well, nothing has changed.















20 thoughts on “I’m 15, halfway to 30.

  1. I like what you’ve said here. If you’re scared now wait until you get to 40 lol.
    The reality is that the world has changed. But the same problems exist… Some of the problems have moved somewhere else, some haven’t. In many ways we can’t change… But we’re able to! ☺

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  2. I’m a year older than you, but nothing has changed from the year I was born, either. So much tragedy happens every day and it’s terrifying how now, so many children don’t have a childhood. You write so beautifully ❀

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  3. This post is really powerful and you are totally right. Nothing has changed. On Monday thirteen people had to die in Germany because someone decided to end their life. Look at what happened in Paris, in Brussels and what happens in Syria every day. 2015 and 2016 have been sad years

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  4. Omgggg this was amazing and so sweet and true. Just read it this morning and thought it was just gonna be a normal update but it was something much much more. I really understand this and relate to this. There is a lot of terrible stuff happening in our generation at the moment and they have been since decades ago (e.g the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the Twin Towers, etc) yet nothing is being done about it. Instead, we have most people depending on the government to take action; they already do most of this anyway. It’s time we make a change tbh. Awesome post!:)

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  5. This is one of the most meaningful poems that I’ve read. Everything written in it is so true that it makes you realize that there are other problems in the world and that our problems aren’t the biggest. I love it. It’s wonderful.

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  6. I love this! Ive never read something so meaningful and true. So many horrible things happen everyday and we should be doing more to make a change. This is so inspiring and my new favourite piece. Im the same age as you and its almost scary to thing that in 15 years almost nothing has changed. this is our chance to make a difference πŸ™‚ X

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