A mixed week.

This is getting ridiculous. I can’t find my phone. But that isn’t what is ridiculous, the thing is that this is the 5th time from sitting down in the last hour. *rings phone from dad’s phone* oh for god’s sake, it’s right next to me.

So anyway, how are you all? I’m tired; like really tired. I’ve been living on caffeine for the past three weeks because my nightmares have been this bad. My eyes are trying not to fall asleep and I’m like shaking from having so much caffine. To be fair, caffeine probably doesn’t help but I’ve had science tests this week so I needed the energy boost in the morning with a nice brew. Not that it really helped either because I did crap on my physics test.

I have so much to tell you so I’m going to put small head titles so you can skip whatever you want but in my opinion, all of it is pretty important to me at the moment.

A very very very surprising event. 

This week at school, we had ‘mock’ job interviews. On the Monday, we were meant to write CVs and practice but I wasn’t at school because a) I was exhausted and couldn’t keep my eyes open for five minutes and b) at school, nobody did any work so what was the point in me going into school?

Although I was ill, the school reminded my mum (by text) that I had the interview on Tuesday so I had a little bit of a panic attack, on the Monday evening, as I didn’t know what I was meant to do and that I knew that socially inept me would mess it up.

Well guess what?!

The interview went really well like incredibly really well. The interviewers, who were volunteering, weren’t actually interviewing to employ anyone but my interviewer really seemed to really like me and said ‘In all the years I’ve been volunteering, never have I asked someone if they want to work for me.’ and then I got it. He was offering me a job and I was grinning like an idiot but inside, I was so confused and well, surprised so I didn’t really hear what he said but he said something like if I wanted, I could work for him.

Nobody else, except from this boy who got offered an apprenticeship, actually got an offer so I’m kinda surprised and freaked out by the results.

Anyway, he owns a few local businesses and asked me to work in this shop where my friend, Keys, works so when she found out from my Middlebrook and Elle about the interview, she came running and was thankfully happy that I was maybe going to be working with her.

He didn’t give me any contact details but Keys gave me his email so I emailed him today asking if the position was still available. He hasn’t replied yet and I’m like refreshing my email every few minutes to see if I’ve gotten a reply. I’m kinda scared that I won’t get it or I completely imagined it.

The thing is I didn’t mention how I got the email so I don’t want to seem like a stalker or overly excited teen who needs money.

I just found out that he is recruiting in April/ May so I will hand in my CV next weekend but that’s okay because I just need a job, haha.

A Carlos update. 

If you may remember, I said in one of my posts that I’ve been nursing Carlos (my boyfriend) who had hurt his leg in a rugby tournament. Two weeks ago, he got off crutches and was able to play sports. But yesterday, he went to this rugby team meetup and tripped over while running and has done something to this leg again which has resulted in a late night visit to a hospital and he has to have an MRI scan which seems a little scary to be  honest.

It’s upsetting for him, I think, because he really loves rugby and sport. He was so happy when he got off his crutches and now he is back into stage 1 again.

On a happier note, it’s our six month anniversary next monday which is weird to think about because it only feels like a month ago, when he awkwardly asked me out, haha. For christmas, we’ve decided on a price limit of 20 pounds so I don’t know what I’m getting him. I was going to get him a rugby ball but um, for obvious reasons, maybe it isn’t the right present  at the moment.

If you guys have any ideas, please tell me in the comments because I’m completely stuck, haha 🙂


So I still have nightmares even though I’ve followed all of your kind advice. I’ve had tons of baths, netflix and book reading but I still can’t get to sleep and when I do, I get really bad nightmares. It’s been going on for three weeks now and well, I’m exhausted and haven’t been able to concentrate that much. Last night’s dream was about war and death. So you can image how I woke up feeling.

The end. 

Well, I’ll speak to you guys soon. I’m feeling like I want to post tomorrow but don’t rely on me because I might be in control freak mode, haha.

Hideaway Girl xxx







12 thoughts on “A mixed week.

  1. Hey, I’ve had chronic nightmares ever since I was 6 years old (wow that sounds inspirational doesn’t it) so if you ever want to talk about it all, I’d be interested in doing so. I have a few things that have helped me cope with not sleeping.

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  2. Hey! It’s weird because I’ve been snooping your blog for a while and I feel like I know you. You seem like an awesome person! I’m so glad you got that apprenticeship! Wow this is creepy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha that’s cool 🙂
      I like it when my readers take an interest in what I write and how my life is going. And thank you but it isn’t an apprenticeship but just to help out in this shop 🙂


  3. I was thinking about your little dilemma with not knowing what to get Carlos for Christmas. I’ve always found homemade items to have the most sentimental value, b/c they’re thoughtful. If you wanted to, you could go out and buy an antique frame and then personalize it. You could try spray painting it, to look more modern or classy- whatever look you’re going for. Put a cute picture in it, and you’re done! But if you really want to impress him, I try baking some goodies for you two to enjoy. Christmas cookies have never gone wrong as a good present 😀

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