Pre-party fear.

Hi,everyone! How are you all? So..I’ve been invited to a party. A party. Which is tomorrow. Like never in my entire life at secondary school, would I think I would get invited to one. In year 7, I was that weirdo of the year (but bearing in mind, everyone is a weirdo in Year 7) so I was really weird and well, I didn’t fit in at all. I feel like how I was ‘weird’ was down to how I looked to everyone else and that kinda made me seem/feel like an outcast and was the loner of the year. But now, I’m going to a party. Jesus Maccarino.

The year 7 me, right now, is having a mental breakdown and doesn’t know how the hell she is going to interact with people in this situation. Like I’m so not-cool. I don’t like dancing in front of people and I hate it when I can’t hear someone talking and so you have to nod and shrug. The last time I was in a ‘party’ situation was when I was at a school disco in Year 6 and this boy kept following me around the tiny gymnastics hall trying to get me to kiss him but nah, I wasn’t interested in boys then and I thought I was so cool because I had a boy who kept following me. Oh god, it makes me want to cringe now.

Even then, I used to have panic attacks in the primary school discos so what the hell am I going to be like on Sunday?!

Like I’m getting anxious thinking about it now and I really don’t want to go but I feel like I should go because it will be good to get out of my comfort zone and I already promised my friend a lift there so I can’t really cancel now.

The house,where the party is, is like a 20 minute drive from mine but I’m not trusting google maps so it will probably be 30 minutes. I feel like if I had a panic attack at the party, I won’t be able to get home quick enough to kinda let it all out.

I know everyone who is going but I don’t really have that many friends going and a lot of people invited are people who I don’t hang out with and are very gossipy and well.. ‘cool’ or ‘popular’. I just don’t want me to be the girl who is socially awkward and has panic attacks when it’s too loud and crowded.

I’m basically like a goat going into a lion’s cage… I’m fucked.

I feel like if I do get panicky, my friends won’t stick with me and think I’m overreacting and will leave me…

For outfits, I dunno how I feel about what I’m going to be wearing though. It’s this lacy black t shirt which you would have to wear a strapless bra for, I’ll be wearing leggings and of course, a pair of converse. It looks like a funeral outfit but I feel like for this time of year, it’s okay to wear it and I’m going to try and do some dark makeup with drawn on veins under my eyes. Vampire Diaries Style.

But compared to what my friends are wearing, I’m going to look over dressed and well the duff of the group. They are all wearing things which show skin and look so incredible on them but I hate showing any flesh and I’m kinda self-conscious about wearing stuff like that.

I know I’m not fat or anything but I feel like even more vulnerable and awkward in dresses and shorts so I guess I kinda have to just go with what I’m wearing.

Carlos isn’t going because the girl who’s hosting it  uninvited him because they don’t get along. I kinda feel that’s good in a way because Carlos won’t have to limp around the place (he got injured in this rugby match and I’ve been basically nursing him this half term.. I’m such a lovely person.) but Carlos is worried about me going. And if Carlos is worried about me going then I’m totally nervous about going.

Oh well, I’ll tell you guys on Monday on what happens (if I’ve survived) but if any of you guys have any party anxiety tips or whatever, please tell me because I don’t know what the hell to do.

Hideaway Girl xxx








16 thoughts on “Pre-party fear.

  1. I find it really comforting to take headphones with me when I go out so that if I do start to panic, I find a quiet place shove my headphones in and listening to some calming music to distract myself. I don’t know how helpful this is for you but I found it really effective. Hope this helps! X

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  2. Never being to a party, but I can totally identify with the self conscious bit and feeling like the duff, and you’re going to be fine!
    Wear what you are comfortable with, and do you.
    Have fun!

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  3. With parties I highly recommend taking regular breaks out of the crowded areas to just recollect yourself and then go back in when you’re ready. Another piece of advice is to treat it like it’s gonna be your last one and literally have fun

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  4. This was me not long ago, and it actually turned out to be really fun! Over thinking makes it worse, but I do the same thing. Some tips! Don’t be on time, be a bit late, and if you can go with someone so you aren’t alone to start with. If you’re driving you obviously aren’t drinking, but look at the people around you and act drunk, because people won’t judge you if you look a little bit strange! No one is judging you anyway, everyone else is worrying about how they look, so they’re way too busy to worry about you. And most importantly, remember that no one is forcing you to stay. If you want to leave, then do, just make up an excuse! You’re going to absolutely fine, I believe in you!! 🙂

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  5. Good luck! If you start getting flustered or worried, go find and empty room and just sit on the floor and try to calm yourself down. I know it sounds really weird, but it’s what I do, and it works for me. I hope you enjoy the party!

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  6. I’m so sorry that I didn’t read this sooner! How did it go? I know how you feel about getting anxious and self-conscious – I always do, especially with parties, because I worry. Next time it happens, give yourself time to breathe 🙂

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    1. Thankyou and no worries! I need to catch up on my reading after my spanish vocab and verb revision :p
      I had a really good time and hopefully, I’ll have a blog post this weekend explaining what happened 🙂

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  7. Wow, I TOTALLY understand you! In primary school I had a lot of panic attacks thanks to this super mean girl called Aimee. But then a girl called Jaime cave me GREAT advice!
    -If the ‘mean/popular girls pick on you just day this (I know it’s really stupid but it works)
    “OMG, those shoes are so last season” then run out and it will look like u just don’t like there shoes and then nobody will think you are having a panic attack!!!!

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