ew relationships???

Hi,everyone! How are you all? If you’ve been a reader for the past 6 months or so, you may have read a blog post called ‘EW RELATIONSHIPS’. If you haven’t, I would advise you to read that before so you kinda get a picture of what I was like before what I am about to explain.

You may or not know that I have a boyfriend (wow, how did that happen? I dunno). His ‘name’ is ‘Carlos’ and I have no idea why I decided to call him that. We’ve been together for nearly 5 months and well, to be honest, it’s been a rollercoaster. It hasn’t been all fairy tales and romance (I still hate the word romance, it just makes me want to cringe). There’s of course been times when I’ve been confused, upset or whatever but I’m always going to have those emotions even if I was in a perfect relationship or not.

So relationships come up a lot during most girl’s conversations with their friends. I dunno about boys but if you’re a male reader, please tell me because I find most boys so confusing and I don’t really know what goes on in their mind (no matter how many BuzzFeed videos). I find relationships are taken way too seriously for some teen couples. Carlos and I might not be together forever and I guess that’s okay because new people come into our lives and some go. Of course, it will upsetting if I did break up with Carlos now because I’m happy with him but I’m only 15 and I have a lot of my life ahead of me. *also can I just clarify that I’m really happy with him at the moment and I haven’t thought of breaking up with him*

To be honest, I have thought about the future (like a year) and I see Carlos there but that can just change in like seconds with a text message from him. As teenagers, we shouldn’t think about the future because it can lead us hopeful and can hurt if it doesn’t go to plan.

While writing ‘Ew, Relationships‘, I was actually trying to change my mind about Carlos because I felt like (and had been told) that it would end badly so in that blog post, I was kind of trying to dictator my brain into thinking ‘Don’t even go there.’ which was a wrong thing to do because if you feel a certain way about someone and they haven’t hurt you previously then go for it and don’t care about what other people think.

A lot of my friends, before Carlos, said that I needed a boyfriend which is kinda a bad thing to say because:

  1. Carlos doesn’t change me into another person.
  2. I still feel crap on some days even though I have a great boyfriend.
  3. I’m still really independent and Carlos doesn’t control what I do.
  4. I don’t need a boyfriend. I didn’t ‘pick’ Carlos because my friends said I ‘needed’ a boyfriend. I ‘picked’ Carlos because I really like him and that he makes me feel happy. However, I had friends and a dog to keep me happy before Carlos.

However, I’m happy that ignored that blog post that I wrote and did actually say ‘yes.’ to something which I hardly do because I care about what people think.

I said at the end of ‘Ew Relationships‘ that I wanted ‘someone to be there for me and understand me, laugh at my jokes and know me. Doesn’t freaking rush things, and doesn’t take it way too seriously.’ Β Carlos does all of that (maybe doesn’t always laugh at my terrible jokes) but he is the closest, at the moment, person who can make me happy.

I think every teenage couple is different and some are more serious than others depending on the people. The thing what matters the most is that you really feel happy with the person and that you can be yourselves around them. But if things end badly, it may feel like the end of the world but it probably isn’t πŸ™‚

Hideaway Girl xxx






19 thoughts on “ew relationships???

  1. This is a really cute post! Hopefully Carlos is in your future in a years time and hope you both are happy. And I agree that no one “needs” a boyfriends. Lovely post x

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  2. Sounds like you found your balance. I’m 23, single and happy with my life as is. I’ve had two serious-ish relationships and I can tell you one thing I learned: don’t be with someone for anyone else’s reasons, just your own. People want to take life way too seriously these days, and that irks me a lot! And know yourself and who you want to be… Your ‘guy’ will either fit in or fall out… Sweet post – look into your grammar, some. Wish I started mine way sooner! ☺

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  3. hello! this is the first post i’ve read by you.. you seem really nice & i’m glad youre in a happy relationship! i have had very bad experiences with boys… 😦 *now going to stalk your blog for the next hour*

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  4. Hi. My name is Liam. I’m actually a girl and I can so effin’ relate to this one. I have my so called boyfriend for 6 months and I started to notice things which makes me sad and I hope we can talk. I’m also 15 from Philippines. Andrei Armamento on facebook

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    1. If he makes you unhappy, then the relationship isn’t doing good to you and maybe it’s a time to think about the relationship. Try and talk to him but if he doesn’t listen then that’s an unhealthy relationship.


  5. That’s awesome to hear the you’re happy! β™‘ But definitely don’t stress too much about relationships :). They’re all part of the life adventure and teach so many important lessons. When I was 15 I thought I was going to marry the guy I was dating. We dated for almost 2 years and then I ended up breaking things off. So no matter what happens between you and Carlos now or in the future, you’ll learn so much about what you like, what you don’t like, and what is going to make you the happiest in a long term commitment. It’s important to be happy! 😊

    By the way I absolutely love your writing style!

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  6. I’m glad you’ve found someone that makes you so happy πŸ™‚
    I know you probably don’t need it as you seem to have got your shit together but, don’t let him come before anyone or anything else. I did (and still do) and they shouldn’t! You’re young and totally don’t need a boyfriend whatsoever to make you happy! But, regardless, enjoy it! Relationships are a good and healthy thing, but don’t let it control your life. xx

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