Birthday,Surprises and Binging.

Hi,everyone! Look where I find myself when I’m might to be revising for a physics test but all well, I have tomorrow night to revise for it.

I’m 15!! Whoop Whoop! We didn’t have school on Thursday or Friday as we had teacher training which was handy because I’ve kinda had a really long birthday and I haven’t been able to spend my birthday doing double science so I’m pretty happy.

On Thursday, Carlos (my boyfriend) went to my house at around 11 and we went down to this marsh. I knew that Elle and Carlos was up to something so I was really excited and probably annoying Carlos. I spent like an hour interrogating Carlos on what we were going to do but he wouldn’t tell me.

Anyway, Carlos then took me on this pretty walk to where the surprise was but he took the longest route to confuse me on where we are going. During the walk, I realised how much I need to start exercising more often. I could hardly walk up the stairs because I’m so lazy.

When we got there, everyone was under this tree which was overlooking this beautiful view of the sea. There was tons of food which I all liked and all of my friends were there.I had like a little emotional moment where I was hugging my two best friends,Elle and Zoe, and wondering how the hell did I deserve such amazing friends. But I sucked it in because Zoe would tease me about my emotional side to me to eternity if I showed it.

We played man hunt which was really fun but Zoe and I sat somewhere and just spoke about a lot of things. We have known each other for 10 years which is crazy to even think about! She knows me so well that she literally knows what I would do in every situation. Anyway, we couldn’t find Carlos and Duck (one of my other friends, I didn’t know what to call him, haha) so we just gave up and waited for them. Then we played truth or dare but it didn’t really go anywhere because two of my friends started having a feminist argument. Normally, I would join in but I just sat and listened because what both people were saying was actually reallyΒ interesting and I didn’t feel my points would have made a difference which is okay because I didn’t want to get involved in the heated argument.

Everyone had to go home at around 4ish so we headed back and Elle, Zoe and I went to Asda and bought loads of crap to eat at the sleepover. Elle stayed over at mine and just ate loads and loads of pizza and icecream. Healthy. We started having this really deep conversation about life, well, it was mostly me crying and Elle laughing. She even filmed it and put it on snapchat and the next day, when I watched it, I couldn’t stop laughing about how emotional I am.

I really wanted to watch a horror but Elle can’t watch them (she couldn’t watch the Scary Movie without screaming for it to stop) so I picked Zombieland which didn’t look that scary but looked pretty funny so we watched it downstairs in the dark. I could see Elle twitching in the first ten minutes of the film when Zombies were eating brains of fat people but she soon got used to the gore and actually stopped hiding behind the pillow. I was very proud. I found the film pretty boring so I fell asleep on the sofa for most of the film. Apparently, it took Elle ten minutes to wake me up. I’m a pretty heavy sleeper.

Friday was my birthday but I didn’t really plan anything but Carlos came around as a surprise to see me before he went off on this training course for two days. We played Call of Duty on the Xbox with J, Elle and Duck who joined us. I won against Elle and J which was an achievement because J is really good and I’m really bad at it. We then played Uno and Carlos had to go so Elle and I went to Claire’s to get my second earrings done and then just binged at Mcdonalds.

It was a good weekend and I’m sad that my birthday is over. Also, I can’t believe I’m 15! I remember being 6 like yesterday so this life is going pretty fast.

Anyway, I’ll see you guys soon πŸ™‚

Hideaway Girl xxx





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      1. Oh shit that’s madness. Don’t worry though I’m gonna be 17 on my next birthday and I still feel like a child. Even though everyone suggests otherwise

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