Never a day late.

Okay I know this is ‘ a day late’ but I don’t think it’s ever too late to write a post on this certain topic and I really hope you ever reads this can look at this in a different way.

So yesterday, 11th September, was the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that took place at 8:46 am. 2,977 people died and 2,977 families were left devastated and heartbroken. All around the world, people saw the towers collapsed and people jumping off the buildings. It affected the whole world.

But it wasn’t just that day that thousands died. The terrorist attacks, in some ways, caused over 2,500,000 people died in wars justified by 9/11 that paid the ultimate price for a crime they did not commit.

It sickens me that these attacks and these innocent people dying caused the American government to kill even more innocent people. Fathers, mothers, uncles, aunties, daughters, sons, cousins, friends and people who were cared about died.

It may be 15 years ago but that doesn’t mean that it’s okay to make a joke out of it. Everyday, people are still affected by it and have to live with the consequences of this tragedy and the tragedies after that and the more to come.

People are dying and all that people care about is money, religion and fame. It kills me inside that people make memes/jokes and facebook pages making humor out of this!

I really don’t understand how my ‘friends’ can find it funny.

I don’t think they would find it funny if they had grown up without a parent or sibling because of this. It may be 15 years ago but that doesn’t mean the pain isn’t still here.

I haven’t been  hugely affected by these attacks, I wasn’t born then. But I still feel this anger towards people who just don’t give a shit.

Society is messed up but please please, just take this in and think about what you say. PEOPLE DIED! MILLIONS! Can’t you just stop making these jokes? It’s just added to the hate in the world.

Right so well, I’m going to go because I’m just going to ramble on but I really hope you found this inspiring or beneficial of some sort. I dunno.

Hideaway Girl xxx

11 thoughts on “Never a day late.

  1. Yes. And in one way or another everyone suffered. Muslims, who are blamed for it paid a huge price too Not only by being killed in the forecoming war but those who lived suffered bullied and harassment and were labelled as “terrorists”.

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  2. It’s so shocking that people jokes about a terrorist attack that affected a lot of people. I can’t believe it! Yes, it’s 15 years ago, but why? Just why? I seriously can’t believe this.

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  3. Beautiful post and I definitely agree with you- it was a tragic event and no matter how much time passes, it should never be made ‘funny’. Not only did it kill people but it left families devastated and by making jokes about it is going to make those families feel sad but also angry. xx

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  4. really a nice post.I cant believe it that people are still making fun of it. Common guys be a little mature!! If it din’t happen with it doesn’t mean that you can make fun such a tragic event.

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