The traitor is back!

Ah,okay. Yeah, it’s me. Haven’t been here for a month and well, I’m a shit blogger tbh but I have been busy.

Reasons why I’ve been busy (completely ignore this because it’s just for my sake to make me feel like I’ve had an  excuse.)

  1. I’ve been to France and London and then London again which equals three weeks away from good wifi and a laptop.
  2. Whenever I’ve been in my hometown, I’ve been working and that means that I haven’t seen my friends or Carlos that much as I would of liked.
  3. I had a little meltdown where I just zoned out and thought there wasn’t really a point in anything (including blogging) and well I was being pathetic.
  4. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing with my organisation so I decided to wait for school to get back into the routine.


So what’s been happening in our little blogging community? I haven’t read a single blog post in a month and well, I haven’t spoken to you guys in ages so please tell me how you are and what you’ve been up to because I’ve missed my blogging friends.

Anyway, I thought I would tell you about my summer holidays and what I’ve done.

So I went to North of France for a week with my parents, my brother, my auntie and uncle and my cousin. We stayed in this really posh house with  like seven bedrooms and this massive garden. I felt like royalty. The house is in this tiny cute village which is surrounded by other villages so you could travel around a bit. It was nice to relax and not really have anything to worry about.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A little selection of photos of France for you there, most of them aren’t very good but you know, whatever.

When I got back home, I then went to London with a few of my friends from primary school for a few days which was really nice. We did all of the tourist things which was very clique. I used to live in London but I sometimes still go up there so I kinda knew my way around a bit so I got the nickname ‘Patnav’ because of my google map skills.

Whenever I had free time at home, I spent it with my friends on the football pitch near my house and we just sat and talked. It was okay.

I have missed blogging massively and I am going to be posting tomorrow! I’ve gotten back into routine and blogging is on that. So please ask me a few questions below for a Q&A soon and I will get back to you in another blog post 🙂

Hideaway Girl xxx

Ps: I was really nervous about blogging again, I don’t know why really.


13 thoughts on “The traitor is back!

  1. HELLO I HAVE MISSED YOU!!!! Okay, firstly, you’re not being pathetic. You’re being reasonable because sometimes you just feel everything’s pointless as hell. So I get as! Also you’re not a shit blogger! 🙂 How was London?

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