Having a breakdown on Twitter

Hi,everyone! So as you can see, I’m being unorganised but we aren’t going to go deep in that because I don’t want to become one of those bloggers who apolise in every blog post… okay, I’ve already become one of those but let’s pretend, I’m not.

I’ve been having a slight breakdown in my life to be honest recently. If you follow me on twitter, you’ve probably have noticed it..

Just drank bubble bath liquid, thinking it was mouthwash. Why does this always happen? It’s like my body wants to end itself 😂-HideawayGirl10

I was that stupid. But it wasn’t the only thing which I’ve done.

Never get toothpaste in your eye especially when you have contact lenses in😂-HideawayGirl10

Yeah.. that hurt. The thing that made me laugh was my friend’s reply to it. haha.

I was also in a embarrassing amount of self pity because I had a bad cough.

How can I have a cold in the summer?-HideawayGirl10

I found out because it was Carlo and his bloody germs.

And to even top up my disgusting nobody-wants-to-be-near cough, Britian decided to ruin the summer joys and rain.

Typical, it’s raining and I look like a drowned rat -HideawayGirl10


I also had to go to my canal boat for the weekend which is like 3 hours away from home.

I hate car journeys but at least, I’m stopping off at McDonald’s on the way -HideawayGirl10

We also went to this lovely vegatrain cafe on Saturday where I had a pizza and I really wanted to have wifi because well, I’m anti socialable.

What’s the point in a restaurant saying they have free wifi but with a password so the awkard people (me) have to go and ask?😂-HideawayGirl10

I never did get the password.

I didn’t have wifi on the boat so I had to use my moblie data..

Freaking out: only have 20% data left + I’ll have to wait for more until 18th August -HideawayGirl10

I ran out of data in the middle of listening to Imagine Dragons on the way back home and I wanted to cry because I was having a little throwback to November 2015 when I saw them in concert #bestnightever

Talking about concerts, I’m going to see The 1975 in December! I’m so bloody exicted for it. I think I’ve said it to everyone now, haha.


That’s what’s been going on while I’ve been away from blogging. I just want to say this blog even though, I’ve got quite a few of you guys following me, it’s not meant to be organised and perfect. This blog has become something big in my life now but I still won’t be posting everyday because I need time to think about things in my personal and blogging life.

Because I’ve been away for a week though, I have so much to write and well, I’m staying at home today so I’m probably going to be writing my arse off today so maybe there will be a little bit more of organistion on this blog but I can’t promise anything.

I just want to say thank you for standing up with me and reading my blog. You don’t know how crazy it is when someone comments on my post and says that I’m one of their favourite bloggers.. it’s kinda scary but really nice at the same time.

Anyway, I will try to blog before I go to France this weekend but remember:just stay with me, I will get my head around stuff.

Hideaway Girl xxx

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28 thoughts on “Having a breakdown on Twitter

      1. Hello Astrid! I know it freaks you out but I can’t help it. You are my favourite blogger! A few months ago I sat in my bedroom staring at the wall (don’t we all?) and thinking about my blog, my friends, anxiety and weird random things like, what I want for my birthday. Then I realised that on my blog only one blogger was following me. And the rest were email friends. So I thought about different blogs and how I haven’t been reading one for inspiration. (But Katie, but she might leave the blogging world soon. Check out her blog: kkkaytee.wordpress.com) Then I searched on my laptop and found your blog, HidewayGirl. I instantly fell in love with it. You’re such a great writer. I know this is a REALLY long comment! Sorry!
        Lots of love, x


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  1. Your week sounds like mine. Just little things but yeah.

    But I wanted to leave something here, I nominated your for a bloggers recognition award. I was just nominated for my first one so I’m probably to excited haha.
    Here are the rules as passed to me::
    If you want to (completely your choice) accept the award, here are the rules:
    1. You must write a post accepting this award
    2. Acknowledge the blogger that nominated you
    3. Briefly talk about how you got started blogging
    4. Give 2 pieces of advice for new bloggers
    5. Nominate 15 deserving bloggers!

    Also, not spam I promise 🙂 take a look at my latest post if need be.


  2. Haii HideawayGirl,
    I would love it if you checked out my new (like 2 day old) blog. I’ve recently found your blog and can’t wait for your next post.
    MysteryGirl ♥


      1. I am usually up to date on what’s going on for Wattpad and YouTube, etc, but as for blogging? No idea. So I can do good on that tip pretty easily. *laughs*


  3. im new here and i just literally recently made my blog account is there like any tips you could give me to get started? oh and your my first blogger that i saw soo far and im quite interested on reading more of your blogs!! 🙂

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  4. You’re the first blogger that I’ve read and I just wanted to say that I love your blog! I made another blog a while ago and I don’t think anyone read it so i thought I’d try out on here. I just wanted to say how amazing your blog is and if you could look at my blog and give me some advice (I don’t mind if it is harsh!) on what to improve then I’d be so happy! But it’s ok if you don’t want to.
    -Sprinkle Of Anonymous xx

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