This blog.

Hi,everyone! So you probably wondering what the hell I’m doing on this blog, I’m not posting every day and I keep saying I will but of course the next day, I don’t post. Well, I kinda just what to talk to you guys today about how I feel on this blog and what I’m going to be doing.

Okay so this week, I got an email from this (big) blogging website asking if I could  post content which at first, I was totally up for it. I would get to talk to a huge amount of bloggers, get to know people, get paid and also be able to spread my blog. It was a huge opportunity!

But it doesn’t feel right.Hideaway Girl is me and it’s a place where I can be as weird as I want to, write whatever I want and be as creative as I want  …. as I can be . I have so many friends on WordPress and I don’t think the other blogging site would be as friendly as you are.

On WordPress, you can get paid for adverts (and that) if you want to. I don’t want to get paid. If I did get paid, I feel like I would find this blog more of a job than a thing I love. I feel like my blog would be fake to me and you. So I’m refusing to get paid which may seem kinda stupid to you guys.

I may not blog on here every day, read all of your posts, reply to the (many) comments that I get and post the best content that I could but this blog is ME.It is literally me.

I’m messy, I’m totally not organised, I don’t know how to look after myself and I get grumpy from time to time.

This blog represents all of that and I’m not sorry if you can’t handle it, you can go and read one of those perfect bloggers.

Most of you are so so so supportive to me and I can’t believe how much you guys mean to me. I was reading a blog post the other day by one of my blogger friends and I CRIED because that’s how much they meant to me.

I love blogging, it’s turned into a need in my life and I love doing it.

Thank you so much for being here for me,

Hideaway Girl xxx



5 thoughts on “This blog.

  1. This might seem weird but I’m nearly crying out of a sense of relief, I guess. Because I feel the exact same way. For me, being payed would make me feel fake, or like blogging was a chore. It’s not. It’s fun, beautiful, real, supportive and ME, you and everyone else. Thank you so much. Thanks for always being yourself, always being so genuine, and having a place where you can get those thoughts out.

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