Outfits I want for the Summer 2016!

Hi,everyone! How is everyone today on this beautiful summer day? I’m really really good. I went to the beach today with some of my friends and it was really fun 🙂 As I only have 3 weeks left of school, I need to start thinking about what I’m going to wear in the summer holidays which brings me to this post!

I’m going to be telling you my wishlist of outfits I want to wear in the summer like I did in February with spring outfits. Let’s get started!



I really like this outfit as it’s quite simple but also has this really sweet effect with the hat. I don’t think I would suit hats but always worth a try, right? haha. But I just really hope this would pull off on me 🙂

outfit 2

The next thing I would also like would also be this outfit as I just love everything about this photo even the tan which I haven’t got (instead I got skin as pale as a ghost) but I think the top would look really good on the beach and I just love it!

outift 3

I’ve never had a play/jumpsuit and I just need one in my wardrobe. I would really like this one but I don’t think Primark would have this.

outfit 4

I really need some fabric shorts and I only have one pair of shorts and they look tiny on me. So this is more of a necessary.


That’s all I have as I need to take a nap, I’m exhausted but I also needed to ask you guys something. I want to give more advice on this blog and I was wondering if any of you wanted to anonymously email me at hideawaygirlblog@gmail.com  to write me a short email asking me for advice (about anything), it would be great and I will put an answer back on this blog without your name or email as that would be very unfair!

I’ll see you tomorrow with another blog post,

Hideaway Girl xxx


19 thoughts on “Outfits I want for the Summer 2016!

  1. These all looks so comfortable! Guargh! Like am I going to the beach or is it a picnic with friends or am I just going to stare at the stars all night long or am I chilling at home with a box set of my favorite series and a tub of ice cream? The world will never know. It’s brilliant!

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  2. You would totally glam all of those outfits!
    I’ll be sure to look to you if I need any advice, sorry but I currently don’t have any ideas 🙄

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  3. I love the romper, it is so cute! I have a few rompers in my closet and I love how easy they are to just throw on and look cute. I hope the rest of school goes well for you! 🙂

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  4. Wow I’ve missed your posts so much! It’s Alex (I don’t know if you remember me) but I went on a blogging break and now I’m back I thought I would just visit your wonderful blog that I used to enjoy reading so much! I love all those outfits, particularly the first one with the swing dress. I’m so excited for summer! I’ve just bought a lot of summer clothes myself and it just makes me so happy. Anyway, I’m really sorry for not keeping updated on your posts but I’m really excited to read all your future content!

    Alex xx

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  5. That romper/jumper is so cute! Rompers are my favorite things EVER! I hate closing my legs when I sit but I hate wearing pants so rompers are perfect for me lol. I hope you’re able to get one soon! 🙂

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  6. OMG!! I have always wanted to pull off a romper and have been searching for once since forever. I also love the off the shoulder look in outfit number 2. I also love hats. They seem to perfectly pull an outfit together! ❤ only wish I had the money to buy it. 🙂

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