Hi,everyone! Oh my lord, I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed blogging. I’m not joking-I cried on Sunday while revising the mitochondria because I missed blogging so much. MY EXAMS OFFICIALLY END ON FRIDAY THIS WEEK!!

My exams aren’t my proper GCSES yet (thak god) but they’re to determine what set you will be in next year for each subject. I got my maths test results back today and I’m pretty happy with them so hopefully, I haven’t sucked on the other ones.

A bloody lot has happened since I wrote the post stating that I was taking a small break from blogging due to exams. I feel like I need to tell you that I have a boyfriend (it was our month anniversary today). He’s alright I guess. Nah, he’s pretty lovely and I’m happy. I’ve had to keep this secret away from you guys for a month so it’s been very difficult. The strange thing is though I’ve been singing ‘Single Ladies’ more than I did when I was single.

Geez, it feels weird to not be single.

I think I was one of the most single people in our year so having a boyfriend, kinda shocked everyone so it was kinda the gossip the first week at school.

Anyway, just thought I would tell you because I thought it was really unfair because I think of you all as my friends and even my dad knows so of course, it would be weird not to tell you.

I still have exams to revise for but I will be posting tomorrow but tell me what has happened as I have a lot of catching up to do 🙂

Hideaway Girl xxx




13 thoughts on “I’VE MISSED YOU!!

  1. When the a post of yours that was made just over a month ago was titled and I quote “relationships ew”. Sorry but I find it funny how quickly your attitude changed and how you were so happy single and went from saying relationships aren’t worth it at this age but now you’re in one. I find this really cool to see and I’ve learned that you never know what will happen and that you should always keep your options open. Thanks for reteaching me this and I’m sorry if this comment seems a little offensive my point is you taught me a valuable lesson

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    1. No it isn’t offensive at all! I was going to write it in this post actually but I forgot. But I think it’s also finding the right balance of a relationship at our age because it shouldn’t be too serious. Thank you for commenting!

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  2. Phew you took that well. I thought you were gonna get mega offended and I planned responses to people who started telling me off for that comment. I understand where you’re coming from and if you’re happy and your boyfriend gives you peace and makes you better then who is anyone to judge you.

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